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Why didnt the enclave bomb the Citadel?

Why didnt the enclave bomb the Citadel?

A landmark that would be important to a group claiming to be the US government as well as having a lot of important information and technology there. So destroying the Citadel would not have been a good move for them.

How did the enclave destroy Liberty Prime?

Just as it opened the facility to the Brotherhood’s assault, the Enclave initiated a tactical missile bombardment from the Bradley-Hercules orbital weapons platform, turning the area into a kill zone. Liberty Prime was destroyed, with Tristan’s forces just barely able to reach minimum safe distance.

Is it possible to side with the enclave in Fallout 3?

You cannot join the Enclave or side with them, it would have been more interesting if you could but you are forced to side with the BoS. Yeah, there is even a moment where Eden pretends you’d have a place in the Enclave but it’s just a trick. Joining the brotherhood is the only ending to the game and cannot be changed.

What would happen if the enclave won?

If the Enclave had carried out its plan: all that would be destroyed, leaving them with nothing to live off of themselves and essentially dooming (at least America) worse than the Great War did.

Can you romance Bittercup Fallout 3?

Through dialogue, it is revealed that Bittercup has been romantically involved with most of the males in Big Town at one point or another, but it is remarkable that she does not seem to take any of their interests in a physical way.

Who voiced the dad in Fallout 3?

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson is bringing his Irish lilt to the new role-playing video game “Fallout 3” from publisher Bethesda Softworks. Neeson will voice the character of the player’s father in the latest edition of the popular franchise.

Can you join Enclave Fallout 3?

Is the Enclave good for the wasteland?

yeah, the enclave would create peace and a safe wasteland, but as with mister house is a dictatorship, yeah resistances are bound to happen in that type of goverment, either the enclave changes or resistances will keep coming, also if the enclave manages to get rid of all opposition, with the type of government they’re …