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How do I spend a day in Anchorage?

How do I spend a day in Anchorage?

  1. Explore Historic 4th Avenue.
  2. Visit the Anchorage Museum.
  3. Ride the Anchorage Trolley Tour.
  4. Visit Star the Reindeer, Anchorage’s Mascot.
  5. Take a Food or Drink Tour.
  6. Ride the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.
  7. Go Fishing at Ship Creek.
  8. Hike Flattop (or in Chugach State Park)

What are current events in Alaska?

Alaska News

  • Alaska to Begin Paying Dividend, Energy Checks Sept.
  • Search on for Woman After Child, Car Found Stuck in Alaska.
  • Pilot Found Dead With Wreckage of Plane in Alaska.
  • Judge Refuses to Block Alaska Campaign Disclosure Rules.
  • Wildfire Threat Becomes Tool to Fight Home Builders.

Is it worth spending a day in Anchorage?

IMO Anchorage is well worth a day or two. There are a ton of really great activities: hiking, museums, fishing, dining, arts/crafts, scenery all within the city. AK is huge and if you’re here just for a little while, I wouldn’t suggest any where too far away (like Denali).

Does Anchorage have a nightlife?

The Anchorage entertainment scene is as varied as the landscape. Nightlife, performing arts, and family entertainment thrive amid inspiring surroundings. Enjoy live music and craft brews in a local park, or laugh alongside locals at an evening comedy show.

How many days do u need in Anchorage?

Most people plan at least three days in Anchorage during their Alaska travels. No matter how long you have, there are many ways to explore. Eat your way through Anchorage, dive into Alaska Native cultures, enjoy the great outdoors, search for bears, or see just how much you can fit into one day under the midnight sun.

Is Juneau better than Anchorage?

Anchorage is larger and therefore has more attractions, but it also has less attractive areas. Juneau is smaller and enclosed by mountains, making its general layout more attractive by default.

What is the cheapest city to live in Alaska?

Juneau. Only accessible by boat or plane, Alaska’s capital city is also the most affordable place to live in the entire state.