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Does well lit need a hyphen?

Does well lit need a hyphen?

Not as common as “well lighted”, though he uses that too in the story; choosing to hyphenate when using it as a compound adjective modifying place, and not to when using it as a compound adjective following is; “It is well lighted.”

Is dimly lit an adjective?

dimly Add to list Share. The adverb dimly is good for describing the way a room is lit when there’s only a small amount of light. A dimly lit dining room might have just one flickering candle, for example.

Do you hyphenate adverbial phrases?

When a hyphen connects an adverb and an adjective (e.g. well-dressed), it is known as a compound modifier. Compound modifiers describe the noun that follows with greater precision. But hyphens don’t always come after an adverb and adjective. When the adverb ends in -ly, it needs no hyphen (e.g. highly regarded).

Is there a hyphen in commonly used?

There is no need to use a hyphen in either case. In fact, I would say that is is wrong although I realize that the word forum dictionary does not seem to think so. This is not a simple case of adjective before noun because, even if “held” can be seen as an adjective (can it?), the issue is the modifier “commonly”.

How do you spell well-lit?

well-lit – Wiktionary.

Is it well-lit or well-lit?

Both forms are correct and totally acceptable in both American English and British English. So….is this a well-lit blog post—or is it well lighted? Once again either one is correct when used as an adjective, although right now the American usage favors lighted for the adjectival use.

How do you use dimly in a sentence?

1) She dimly realized that she was trembling. 2) Babies are weak and vulnerable in the presence of huge shapes that they can only dimly perceive. 3) The room was dimly illuminated by the soft glow of his bedside lamp. 4) A nightlight glowed dimly in the corner of the children’s bedroom.

What does dimly mean slang?

adjective. unintelligent; stupid. Boy, is he dim. See more words with the same meaning: unintelligent person, idiot.

Do not hyphenate ly adverbs?

Hyphenating “-ly” adverbs Compounds formed by an adverb ending in ly plus an adjective or participle (such as largely irrelevant or smartly dressed) are not hyphenated either before or after a noun, since ambiguity is virtually impossible.

What is well-lit?

adjective. 1Of a light source, combustible material, etc.: fully ignited, brightly burning. 2Of a room, area, etc.: fully or adequately illuminated; provided with ample or sufficient lighting.

Do you say well-lit or well lighted?

If you are using the word as an adjective, however, lighted is generally preferred. Despite popular usage, lit is not a proper adjective. Technically speaking, the phrase should be well-lighted. A well-lighted room.

What type of word is dim?

adjective, dim·mer, dim·mest. not bright; obscure from lack of light or emitted light: a dim room; a dim flashlight.

What is the sentence of gloomily?

Gloomily sentence example He came up to the porch gloomily, hanging his head. Denisov sat gloomily biting his mustache and listening to the conversation, evidently with no wish to take part in it.

Is curly haired hyphenated?

Note: if the phrasal adjective begins with an adjective (not an adverb) ending in –ly, it needs a hyphen. So, curly-haired boy and incredibly-dark building need hyphens because curly and incredibly are adjectives.

Is there a hyphen in dimly?

But since dimly ends in -ly, it doesn’t use a hyphen. A reader should automatically understand lit goes with dimly.) The professor’s terrifyingly large stack of papers to grade made him anxious. (Here terrifyingly and large work together but do not require a hyphen to link them.)

Should there be a hyphen after the word “ly”?

For the non-editors reading this, what that means is the reader will know instinctually that the word coming after the -ly is working with the -ly word to describe something. So it doesn’t need the hyphen to help readers understand it is a word pair.

What is another word for dimly lit?

Synonyms for dimly lit include candlelit, low-lit and softly lit. Find more similar words at!

Is there a hyphen in the word “glitter”?

( Glitter and speckled are one unit modifying the noun one .) You’ll notice that in the examples above, all of the word sets are hyphenated: sweet-smelling, mud-covered, glitter-speckled. But there are times when the word sets aren’t hyphenated. Compound modifiers that include an adverb ending in the suffix -ly do not get hyphenated. Why is this?