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What are the best seats at Mile High Stadium?

What are the best seats at Mile High Stadium?

The best seats for the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High are located in sections 121-124 and 103-107 between rows 10 and 20. It is important to sit above row 10 when purchasing tickets along the sideline in the 100 level so you have enough height to see the plays develop all over the field.

What sections are club level at Mile High Stadium?

The club seating at Broncos Stadium at Mile High is located in the 300 level, spanning sections 300-315 and 331-346.

How many rows are in each section at Mile High Stadium?

Sections 102-108 are located on the west sideline along the Broncos side, and Sections 120-126 are located along the visiting team sidelines. All lower sections feature roughly 40 rows of seating across two tiers.

What does club level mean at Mile High Stadium?

The United Club Level occupies most of 300 level seating at Empower Field. In addition to being at a perfect elevation, these sections hang over the back of the 100 level, pushing them closer to the field than one would expect. This premier location affords these seats some of the best sitelines in the stadium.

Which side of Mile High Stadium is in the shade?

Afternoon games the East or South stands are the best for shading from the sun. Evening games it gets a bit cooler when the sun goes down. over a year ago. East side is best.

What is club level ball arena seating?

PointsBet Club Level at Ball Arena offers an exclusive level to view your event. With upscale dining options and spacious event space, there is no better place to take in the action. Club Level gives you exclusive access to the Truly Club and Colorado Social, along with several other premium amenities.

Can you tailgate at Mile High Stadium?

Tailgating in the parking lots is permitted before publicly ticketed stadium events (Denver Broncos home games, concerts, other sporting events, etc.); however, we ask that all fans review our tailgating policies prior to arrival. Fans that wish to park on-site should purchase a permit prior to arriving at the stadium.

Is it hard to play at Mile High?

But, what makes it particularly difficult to play in Denver is the city and stadium’s infamous nickname – Mile High. That, of course, refers to the altitude above sea level where the city (and stadium) resides. The relatively high altitude makes the air thinner and subsequently makes it more difficult to breathe.

What do you get with club level seats at Ball Arena?

Club Level Features

  • Exclusive concourse access for Club ticketholders.
  • Fine dining in the Peak Pub House and Land Rover Denver Club.
  • In-seat wait service during Nuggets and Avs games.
  • Early stadium access during NBA and NHL games.
  • Easy and convenient access to the concourse.

Is Mile High Stadium field heated?

Sports Authority Field at Mile High has measures in place to keep the game running smoothly in harsh weather conditions. The stadium is equipped with a drainage system and an underground heating system to heat the sand that the turf sits on.

Is Mile High grass or turf?

The playing surface at Sports Authority Field at Mile High is a 100% natural grass playing field made up of four different Kentucky Bluegrasses.

Can you bring food into Mile High Stadium?

Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6″ or less in length, binoculars and cell phones may be carried in loosely or in an approved clear bag. One piece foam seat cushions under 18 inches wide with no cover are permitted. Food of any kind that is contained in an approved clear bag.

How much is parking at Mile High?

How much is parking at Empower Field at Mile High? You can expect to pay $60 on gameday at the nearest parking lot located at 3120 Mile High Stadium Circle.

Are masks required at Mile High?

Empower Field at Mile High continues to follow the most recent Denver Public Health Order. Due to rapidly declining COVID-19 cases, stabilized hospitalization rates and easy free access to vaccines and boosters, Denver’s public health order requiring masks in most indoor public spaces expired on Feb. 3, 2022.

Is it hard to breathe Mile High Stadium?

“It’s real,” the Hall of Famer said, “It affects you. The oxygen you’re breathing into your muscles isn’t the same. You feel yourself gasping.” Lebron James, one of the most conditioned athletes in the world, even conceded how difficult it is to play in Denver.

When was Mile High Stadium built?

Aerial view of Mile High Stadium circa 1980. Mile High Stadium (originally Bears Stadium) was an outdoor multi-purpose stadium located in Denver, Colorado. The stadium was built in 1948 to accommodate the Denver Bears baseball team, which was a member of the Western League during its construction.

What happened to Mile High Stadium in Denver?

Denver was home to one of Major League Soccer ‘s 10 charter franchises as the Colorado Rapids were formed and played in Mile High from 1996 until 2001, making them the last franchise to play in Mile High Stadium prior to its closure. After the Rapids’ 2001 season, Mile High Stadium was closed and in 2002 the stadium was demolished.

How tall is the statue at Mile High Stadium?

Mounted, the statue measures 27 feet (8.2 m) and 1,600 pounds (730 kg). Mile High Stadium, in the 1970s and 1980s, was the only professional-caliber baseball facility to have an all grass infield, with sliding pits around bases.

When did U2 perform at Mile High Stadium?

On October 21, 1992, U2 performed at Mile High as part of the third leg of their Zoo TV Tour. U2 would return again to perform in concert May 1, 1997 on the first leg of their PopMart Tour. The stadium played host to Ozzfest on June 24, 1997.

Club Seating for Denver Broncos The club seating at Broncos Stadium at Mile High is located in the 300 level, spanning sections 300-315 and 331-346.

What sections are club level at Empower field?

The United Club seats consist of sections 331 through 346 on the east side of Empower Field at Mile High, and sections 300 through 315 on the west side of the stadium.

How big are the seats at Mile High Stadium?

31 inches
The legroom at the new stadium will be 34.5 inches on average – compared with 31 inches at Mile High. “Fan comfort is a main objective with the new stadium,” said Metropolitan Football Stadium District spokesman Matt Sugar. Industry officials measure the width of the seats from the middle of each armrest.

What does club level mean at Mile High stadium?

What is club level seating Denver?

Club Level gives you exclusive access to the Truly Club and Colorado Social, along with several other premium amenities. If you’re interested in being contacted for more information about Club Seats for Team Events please select from the Teams below and fill out your information.

Is Mile High Stadium heated?

The field will be heated during the winter months by a network of 21 miles of underground hot water tubing. DENVER (AP) – The Denver Broncos will have one of the most technologically advanced natural-grass playing fields in the NFL….

Capacity 76,125
Club Seats 8,500

Can you smoke in Mile High Stadium?

Empower Field at Mile High is a non-smoking facility. Smoking or use alternative smoking devices (electronic or vapor) in the stadium is only allowed in designated smoking areas. Smoking or use of alternative smoking devices in a non-designated area will result in ejection from the stadium without refund or re-entry.

What is the United Club at Empower field?

The premier United Club Lounge includes two exclusive lounges that are identical in layout. The East Club overlooks the Denver skyline through 40′ windows while the West Club overlooks the landscape of Empower Field at Mile High.

What is Plaza Level at Mile High Stadium?

The Plaza Level at Empower Field is a single deck of seating located above south endzone sections 129-135. Unlike the rest of the stadium, these seats do not offer much in the way of amenities, cover or great views.