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How much is a Longines Conquest?

How much is a Longines Conquest?

Prices at a Glance: Longines Conquest

Model, reference number Price (approx.)
Conquest Automatic, L3.777.4.99.6 1,100 USD
Conquest Classic, L2.386.4.92.6 800 USD
Conquest Moonphase, L3.381.4.76.6 740 USD
Conquest Quartz, L3.759.4.58.6 680 USD

What type of watch is Longines Conquest?

Longines HydroConquest 43mm Steel Automatic Watch.

What movement is in the Longines Conquest?

The watch, which is available in either a three-hand/date model or a chronograph version, is equipped with a quartz caliber developed exclusively for Longines by the movement-making colossus ETA, its sister brand within the Swatch Group. The movement — dubbed Caliber L288.

Is Longines VHP worth it?

It looks good, is comfortable to wear, and is, quite possibly, the most accurate Swiss made watch ever. Even if you’ve never owned a quartz watch in your life, the V.H.P. deserves attention for its worthy pursuit of hyper-accuracy. The three-hand Longines Conquest V.H.P. is priced at $1,000.

Is Longines a luxury?

Both Longines and Omega are Swiss brands creating luxury watches for people all over the world. Both are recognized as trustworthy and classy brands that can be relied on in terms of watch build and design. Omega is recognized in the seventh position as the world’s most famous Swiss luxury watch brand.

Does Longines retain value?

Some of the less common watches, like the Ebel and Longines, did not have as much sales data as items like the Patek Philippe Aquanaut….Which Watch Brands Hold their Value Most? – Part II (with data)

Brand Longines
Model Conquest
MSRP $1,280.00
Avg. Preowned Price $474.00
Value Retained (%) 37%

Is the Longines Conquest VHP worth it?

What does VHP stand for Longines?

Very High Precision
V.H.P. (Very High Precision) V.H.P. VERY HIGH PRECISION MOVEMENTS. In 2017 and 2018, Longines unveiled three new ultra-precise quartz calibres developed exclusively for Longines. The L288. 2 (movement with 3 hands and calendar), the L289.

What is the Longines Conquest classic?

As a partner of many of the most prestigious sports events in the world, Longines was keen to launch a collection of timepieces to be worn amidst the excitement of these competitions. As a tribute to the chronographs produced from 1878 on, the famous Swiss watchmaker presents the Conquest Classic line.

Are Longines watches good for women?

For every personality and every occasion, there is a Longines watch for women, and every lady will find the timepieces that matches her personality among these watches and their distinctly feminine charm.

What kind of Watch is a conquest classic?

As a tribute to the chronographs produced from 1878 on, the famous Swiss watchmaker presents the Conquest Classic line. True to the brand’s values of elegance, tradition and performance, this collection of models, all fitted with self-winding calibres, is at the same time totally contemporary and perfectly timeless.