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Is T-Mobile 4G any good?

Is T-Mobile 4G any good?

Though there are some conflicting reports on T-Mobile’s network performance, it is still one of the top cell services in the US. It has one of the fastest 4G networks which performs particularly well in urban areas, and offers feature-rich unlimited plans.

Does T-Mobile have good signal strength?

T-Mobile offers 62% nationwide coverage, while Verizon offers 70%, AT offers 68%, and Sprint offers 30%. Since T-Mobile’s coverage area is 6% smaller than AT’s, T-Mobile wins the award for third-best coverage in the nation amongst the Big Four networks.

Is T-Mobile discontinuing 4G?

T-Mobile announced that it will finish shutting down Sprint’s 3G CDMA network by March 31, 2022 and Sprint’s 4G LTE network by June 30, 2022.

Is T-Mobile LTE or 4G better?

If we talk about the original LTE, 4G is significantly faster. 4G is significantly faster. LTE offers only 100 Mbps, while true 4G offers up to 1,000 Mbps. However, if we take a look at the LTE-A speeds, the difference disappears as it also offers 1,000 Mbps.

Is there a way to boost T-Mobile signal?

Answer: Restart your device and look for the signal strip. Change the Wi-Fi calling settings to Cellular Options or Cellular Only to prevent Wi-Fi calling problems from interfering with the signal. Turn off Wi-Fi to make sure you’re on the T Mobile network. Set the device’s network mode to Automatic.

Will my 4G phone stop working in 2022?

T-Mobile and Sprint 3G/2G/4G LTE network shutdown dates These are January 1, 2022 for Sprint’s 3G network sunset, and June 30, 2022 for the 4G LTE connections, respectively.

Is T-Mobile 4G better than LTE?

To make matters more confusing, you might have come across LTE-A. This stands for Long-term Evolution Advanced, and it took us a step closer to actual 4G. It offers faster speeds and greater stability than normal LTE.

Who has the worst cell phone service?

The 2022 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study — based on responses from 28,041 wireless customers nationwide — found that T-Mobile consistently offered the worst wireless network quality.

What bands does T-Mobile use in my area?


  • Band 2 (1900 MHz)
  • Band 5 (850 MHz)
  • Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)
  • Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz).