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What is Tvarvc table in SAP?

What is Tvarvc table in SAP?

TVARVC is standard table given by SAP to store the data under variants. we can put the values in TVARVC table to avoid hardcoding and/or creation of custom tables. Transaction code: STVARV. There are two sections under STVARV to store parameters and Selection options.

How do I access the Tvarvc table in SAP?

The transactions STVARV and STVARVC are available for maintaining the table variants. With transaction STVARV you can maintain the entries in table TAVRVC for the current client (display/change/add). Transaction STVARVC only allows you to maintain the entries in client 000.

What is the difference between Tvarv and Tvarvc table?

TVARVC is the newer version of TVARV. The table can be accessed directly in production using trans code STVARV. Thank You, Donna.

How do I use Tvarvc in ABAP?

It can be either a parameter or a select option based on your requirement. Click on create button in the toolbar and provide the details of your paramter name and its value. Click save. Your entry will be maintained in the TVARVC table.

What is Tvarvc variable?

TVARVC is a standard Logical DB, Selection Screens, Selection Variants Transparent Table in SAP Basis application, which stores Table of Variant Variables (Client-Specific) data.

How do you make a Tvarvc table?

Go to SE16 Tcode , and give the Table name which is TVARVC in our case.

  1. Click Enter and the Give the Values you want to Capture in TR in Variable Name Field as in the following Snapshot and Click Execute.
  2. Once you are within the Table ,
  3. b.

How do I select data from Tvarvc?

if you want data from TVARVC, simplly fetch the fields you require in your select query and take it into internal table.

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How do I check my Tvarvc change log?

hi, you can activate it via SE11 –> technical settings. the standard is that changes are not logged.

How do you make a Tvarvc variable?

Creating Table Variables from TVARVC

  1. In the Variant field on the initial screen for maintaining variants, enter the name of the appropriate variant.
  2. In the Subobjects group box, select the Attributes radio button.
  3. Choose Change.
  4. In the Selection variable column, press F4.

How do I update my Tvarvc table?

E.g. Please check TVARV table entries (with Z* on name) in your dev. system. You can make use of tcode STVARV to update the data manually. Alternatively, you can get request your ABAP programmer to create a program to update it.

How do you create a variable in Tvarvc table?

Creating Table Variables from TVARVC

  1. In the initial screen for maintaining variants, choose the appropriate variant.
  2. Select the Attributes field.
  3. Choose Change.
  4. In the Selection Variable column, press F4 and choose a type of selection variable.
  5. Choose type T for table variables.

How do I get Tvarvc entries?

How do you create a variant in Tvarvc table?

Creating dynamic variant using table TVARV

  1. First maintain a variable with values in table TVARV.
  2. Next create the dynamic variant by pressing the SAVE button on the selection screen.
  3. In the next screen check that green traffic light is on under column T (T: Table variable from TVARV).

How do I add data to Tvarvc?

Step 1 – Execute transaction STVARV Execute tcode STVARV and you should see a list of already created parameter and selection values. In-order to create a new one click on the change icon. Step 2 – Create parameter Enter name of your parameter and press save.

How do you create a Tvarvc variable in SAP?

How do I move Tvarvc entries from one client to another?

Try putting the entries into a transport request and then transporting the change like you would for a program change. Go to transaction SE16 in the development client and type in TVARVC and hit enter. Now hit execute to see all entries. Select the entries you would like to transport to test.