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What is the synonym of defense?

What is the synonym of defense?

protection, shielding, safeguarding, guarding. security, fortification, cover, shelter, screen, resistance, deterrent. 2’the enemy’s defences were sited all along the ridge’ barricade, fortification, bulwark, buttress, fortress, fastness, keep, rampart, outpost, bastion. 3’he planned to speak in defence of his old …

What are three synonyms for defensive?


  • defending, guarding, safeguarding, protecting, protective, shielding, screening.
  • wary, watchful.
  • averting, withstanding, opposing.

What is defense in simple words?

Defense has to do with protecting something or fighting against an opponent, whether it’s national defense, a football team’s defense, or a defense lawyer. Defense is the opposite of offense. It has to do with defending against all sorts of things: In the military, defense is about protecting a country from attack.

What is a synonym for defense mechanism?

synonyms for defense mechanism

  • conversion.
  • defense.
  • defense reaction.
  • repression.
  • sublimation.
  • suppression.
  • symbolization.

What is the use of the word defense?

defense noun (PROTECTION) the act of protecting someone or something against attack or criticism : He published an essay in defense of the freedom of the press. These people have died in the defense of liberty. She angrily came to her friend’s defense.

What is a positive word for defensive?

preventive (adjective) protective (adjective) protective, watchful (adjective) on guard (adverb)

What type of word is defensive?

serving to defend; protective: defensive armament. made or carried on for the purpose of resisting attack: defensive treaty; a defensive attitude. of or relating to defense.

What is a defense in football?

Defense. The defensive team, simply known as the “defense”, is the team that begins a play from scrimmage without possession of the ball. The objective of the defensive team is to prevent the other team from scoring and win possession of the ball for their side.

What does defense mean in football?

In many team sports, defense (American spelling) or defence (Commonwealth spelling) is the action of preventing an opponent from scoring. The term may also refer to the tactics involved in defense, or a sub-team whose primary responsibility is defense.

What is the synonym of mechanism?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for mechanism. course, operation, procedure, process.

What is a defense mechanism meaning?

defense mechanism, in psychoanalytic theory, any of a group of mental processes that enables the mind to reach compromise solutions to conflicts that it is unable to resolve.

What is defensive structure?

Noun. 1. defensive structure – a structure used to defend against attack; “the artillery battered down the defenses” defence, defense. cheval-de-frise, chevaux-de-frise – defensive structure consisting of a movable obstacle composed of barbed wire or spikes attached to a wooden frame; used to obstruct cavalry.

What is defensive position?

noun. Definition of defensive (Entry 2 of 2) : a position serving to protect or defend : a defensive position. on the defensive. : in the state or condition of being prepared or required to defend against attack or criticism keeping his political opponent on the defensive.

What is defensive statement?

Definition of statement of defense : a defendant’s first pleading on an issue of fact in the English High Court of Justice corresponding to the plea in common law and to the answer in equity or under the codes of civil procedure.

What is a cover 3 defense?

Cover 3 is a zone defense with corners and safeties protecting the deep thirds of the field. Each sideline is covered by the corners and the middle of the field by the safety. That leaves four defenders to cover the underneath zones.

What is a cover two defense in football?

… the use of a coverage known as “Tampa 2 Invert” or cover-2 invert or cover-2 robber. Football Outsiders has the Packers ranked as the 12th ranked pass defense in their DVOA efficiency metric, which measures efficiency on a per play basis. Broadly

How to play Cover 2 defense in football?

Safeties: The strong safety and free safety are assigned to the two-deep zones of the field.

  • Corners: they typically will play the flats in a Cover 2 zone.
  • Linebackers: the Will linebacker and Sam linebacker will drop towards the hash marks on their side,to cover their deep flat/curl zone.
  • What to know about football’s Cover 2 zone defense?

    The Cover 2 defense is a zone-based defense in football. Which means no player has a defensive assignment for a specific offensive player . Each level of defense has a zone on the field for which they’re responsible for covering, and whatever receiver enters that zone on a passing route is that player’s responsibility.

    What is Cover 2 in football?

    The base Cover 2 is a zone defense where every defender is responsible for an area of the field and not a specific man. The field is divided into five underneath zones and two deep zones. The two corners and three linebackers play the underneath fifths, and the two safeties play the deep halves.

    protection, shielding, safeguarding, guarding. security, fortification, cover, shelter, screen, resistance, deterrent. 2’the enemy’s defences were sited all along the ridge’ barricade, fortification, bulwark, buttress, fortress, fastness, keep, rampart, outpost, bastion.

    What is the synonym of to face?

    Synonyms for face. front, look (toward), point (toward)

    protective (adjective) protective, watchful (adjective)

    What is another word for defend against?

    What is another word for defend against?

    deflect discourage
    fight off protect against
    stave off prevent
    avert thwart
    foil avoid

    What does in Defence mean?

    Definition of in defense of (something or someone) 1 : in order to keep (something) safe that is being physically attacked They fought in defense of their country. 2 : in support of (someone or something) that is being verbally attacked or criticized She spoke out in defense of justice.

    What do you mean by defending?

    defend, protect, shield, guard, safeguard mean to keep secure from danger or against attack. defend denotes warding off actual or threatened attack.

    What is the meaning of the idiom face-to-face?

    Definition of face-to-face 1 : within each other’s sight or presence met and talked face-to-face a face-to-face consultation. 2 : in or into direct contact or confrontation came face-to-face with the problem.

    Have to face meaning?

    To have the will to do something bold, rude, or impudent; to have the nerve to do something. Wow, I can’t believe that intern had the brass face to ask for a raise on her first day!

    What is defensive attitude?

    Someone on the defensive is concerned with justifying their actions or words. They have a defensive attitude as they try to protect themselves. If you know that to defend is to protect, you have an idea what defensive means. When a person is acting defensive, they’re trying to protect or justify themselves.

    What is defensive behavior?

    1. aggressive or submissive behavior in response to real or imagined threats of harm.

    What is the word for defending yourself?

    fend off. phrasal verb. to defend yourself against an attack.

    What does defend against mean?

    1 : to take action against attack or challenge the defending champion. 2 sports : to play or be on defense playing deep to defend against a pass. 3 card games : to play against the high bidder.