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Where is Gainer the Gopher from?

Where is Gainer the Gopher from?

Gainer in his previous design, used prior to 2019. Gainer the Gopher is the mascot of the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. The Gainer costume is modelled after the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel, commonly referred to as a “gopher” in many parts of North America. He is from Parkbeg.

Did Gainer the Gopher get a makeover at Mosaic?

(Kayle Neis/The Canadian Press) As the Saskatchewan Roughriders thrashed the Toronto Argonauts 32-7 at Mosaic Stadium on Canada Day with thunder and lighting delaying the game, another storm swept across the province: the beloved Rider mascot Gainer the Gopher got a makeover, and fans had a breakdown.

Who is Greg Gainer?

Gainer continues to be an ambassador for the Riders both at Mosaic Stadium during the football season and at community events all over Saskatchewan throughout the year. Gainer was first ‘played’ by Don Hewitt; of Regina, SK, in 1977.

What does the Gopher’s new face look like?

Some would say the gopher’s new face is unique. Others would say he looks like furry Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, if that movie were about an obsession with botox injections. Did Gainer get some plastic surgery done?

Why is Gainer the Gopher in trouble again?

Gainer the Gopher is once again creating controversy, this time due to his treatment of a stuffed lion during the Saskatchewan Roughriders latest game. (Matt Smith/The Canadian Press) Gainer the Gopher is in hot water once again.

Why is Gainer’s mascot a squirrel?

The costume is modelled after the Richardson’s ground squirrel, commonly referred to as a gopher in many parts of North America. In 2006, Gainer was given the jersey No. 13 to symbolize his contributions as the “13th man” on the field. Had to dig out my favourite Gainer family photo to recover from yesterday’s mascot substitution day.