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What is the postal code for Bryanston?

What is the postal code for Bryanston?

2191Bryanston / Zip code

What are the zip codes in South Africa?


Code Range Area
2000–2199 Gauteng—Johannesburg (original Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton)
2200–2499 Mpumalanga—southern half
2500–2899 Northwest Province—southern and central
Eastern Region (KwaZulu Natal, eastern part of Eastern Cape)

Where is postal code 2191?

Sandton, South AfricaRandburg, South AfricaMidrand, South AfricaChartwell, South AfricaFarmall, South Africa

What area is postal code 2191?

Browse Postcode – 2191 – Page 1

Location District Postcode
Beverley City of Johannesburg 2191
Blue Heaven City of Johannesburg 2191
Bryanston City of Johannesburg 2191
Bryanston East City of Johannesburg 2191

Why is Fourways called Fourways?

Fourways was so named because of the four-way stop where William Nicol Drive and Witkoppen Road met. Today William Nicol Drive cuts under Witkoppen Road and is 3 lanes wide.

What is northriding postcode?

North Riding, City of Johannesburg – Postcode – 2162.

What is delivery post code?

These codes indicate the extent of delivery jurisdictions. Every delivery point that falls under the same jurisdiction is one whole postal code, and anything beyond those dividing lines are counted as a different code. Sometimes postal codes are tied to geographical areas or administrative boundaries.

Is Fourways South Africa safe?

Sunninghill, Lonehill, and Fourways are peaceful areas full of security estates, as well as a large ex-pat community. This area is known for the entertainment complex Montecasino, which offers various attractions, such as a casino, luxury hotels, a bowling alley, a comedy club, movie theaters, shops, and restaurants.

Which part of Joburg is Fourways?

The area referred to as Fourways (which is a collection of suburbs, including the traditional suburb of Fourways) is the fastest-developing commercial and residential hub in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, South Africa….

Municipality City of Johannesburg
Main Place Sandton
• Total 2.13 km2 (0.82 sq mi)

Does northriding fall under Randburg?

North Riding is a suburb of Randburg, in Region C – formerly Johannesburg Region 5, South Africa. The suburb was named after one of the three historic subdivisions of Yorkshire.

How safe is Bryanston?

Bryanston is about as safe as Sandton and there are some great places to live in Bryanston, but I’m uncertain about how many gated communities there are in Bryanston. There is one that I know though which is superb: Riverclub. It’s a golf club culture and quite posh.

Is Rosebank a safe area?

Luckily Rosebank is one of the safest areas in the city as it has many undercover police as well as uniformed police and tourist police too.

Where is Bryanston South Africa?

Location: Bryanston. Street Code: 2191. Box Code: 2021. Area: Johannesburg. Municipality: City of Johannesburg. Province: Gauteng. GP Capital City: Johannesburg.

What are the working hours of the Bryanston Post Office?

Bryanston Post Office Monday 08:00-16:30 Tuesday 08:00-16:30 Wednesday 08:30-16:30 Thursday 08:00-16:30 Friday 08:00-16:30

How good is Bryanston Post Office for car licence renewal?

Sad to see how it went from excellent to pathetic. Have to wait very long to enter inside very busy but the staff are very friendly and helpful customer service are good Downloaded eNatis Licence renewal form online and printed it, walked to Sloane Square, drew cash and went to the Bryanston PO to renew the car licence.