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What should the girdle be on an oval diamond?

What should the girdle be on an oval diamond?

Oval Diamonds – Cut Guide

Table % 53 – 63 52 or 64 – 65
Depth % 58 – 62 56 – 57.9 or 62.1 – 66
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick
Culet None Very Small

What is the best girdle for a princess cut diamond?

Princess Cut Diamond – Cut Guide

Table % 67 – 72 56 – 58 or 76 – 82
Depth % 64 – 75 58 – 63.9 or 75.1 – 80
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin to Thick
Culet None Small

Do all diamonds have girdle reflection?

A thicker girdle protects better than a very thin girdle. On the other hand, the reflection becomes more visible in a diamond with a thick girdle. As mentioned before, many mistakes the girdle reflection for an inclusion. A diamond’s clarity is, however, judged from its view face up and not from the side.

Is an extremely thick girdle bad?

“Extremely Thick” Girdles Can Cause Poor Light Return However, “Extremely Thick” girdles can often cause poor performance in a diamond. Some girdles are so thick that they make the diamond too deep.

Is a faceted girdle bad?

There is no excuse for a cutter not to touch up the girdle for a more presentable look. Having either a polished or a faceted girdle would be OK but leaving a bruted girdle on a finished product is a sign of sloppiness I cannot cordon.

How do you calculate girdle thickness?

A diamond’s outermost edge is also known as the girdle. This thickness is measured as a percentage of the diameter (e.g. thin = 1.0%, medium = 3.0%, thick = 4.0% etc…) or described using words (such as Medium, Thick or Thin).

What is girdle in diamond?

The girdle is the outer edge of the diamond, where the crown (top) meets the pavilion (bottom).

What is girdle thickness?

average diameter. Girdle thickness — as described by the GIA Laboratory — represents the thinnest and thickest “valley” positions on the girdle of the round brilliant — i.e., thin areas located where the upper and lower half facets meet — relative to the average diameter of the diamond. girdle. thickness.

What is diamond girdle?

What is a diamond girdle?

How do I choose a girdle?

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