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What towns are in Trent Hills Ontario?

What towns are in Trent Hills Ontario?

The key communities in Trent Hills are Campbellford, Hastings, and Warkworth all offer their own unique experiences.

  • Campbellford. Campbellford is the largest community in the municipality and has a number of unique tourist attractions.
  • Hastings. Hastings is known as “The Hub of the Trent”.
  • Warkworth.

What county is Trent Hills in?

Northumberland County, Ontario
The Municipality of Trent Hills is located in the north-east corner of Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.

Where is Trent Hills USA?

Ontario, Canada

What municipality is Trent Hills in?

Municipal Office, Campbellford – Front St S, Trent Hills Municipal Office.

What township is warkworth in?

Municipality of Trent Hills
The Village of Warkworth is located in the Municipality of Trent Hills, in Northumberland County Ontario.

Can I have a fire in Trent Hills?

The Municipality of Trent Hills requires burn permits for open-air fires under the Open Air Burning By-law. We don’t allow the use of burn barrels.

Is there a fire ban in Trent Lakes?

Fire rules and regulations You can only have an open air fire between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. from April 1 to October 31.

Who owns Warkworth Castle?

The 12th Duke of Northumberland
Warkworth Castle was first documented in a charter of 1157–1164 when Henry II granted it to Roger fitz Richard. The timber castle was considered “feeble”, and was left undefended when the Scots invaded in 1173….

Warkworth Castle
Owner The 12th Duke of Northumberland
Scheduled monument

What is warkworth famous for?

Warkworth is a village in Northumberland, England. It is probably best known for its well-preserved medieval castle, church and hermitage. The population of Warkworth was 1,493 in 2001, increasing to 1,574 at the 2011 Census.