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Who is Wan Kim?

Who is Wan Kim?

Wan Kim was first introduced to Smoothie King while studying at Boston University before going on to earn his MBA at the University of California at Irvine. Wan became a huge fan of the concept and opened the first international Smoothie King location in South Korea in 2003.

Who is CEO of Smoothie King?

Wan Kim (Jul 2012–)Smoothie King / CEO

How much is the owner of Smoothie King worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Ki Wan Kim is at least $7.95 Million dollars as of 22 March 2021. Mr. Kim owns over 12,500 units of SMART Global Inc stock worth over $1,225,283 and over the last 5 years he sold SGH stock worth over $5,790,584.

Where is Wan Kim from?

Seoul, South Korea
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim is the first immigrant to serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice, and is the first Korean American ever to become an Assistant Attorney General.

How much does a Smoothie King franchise cost?

How much does it cost to open a typical Smoothie King location? The estimated initial investment for an inline or end-cap store can be between $320,301 and $585,465 (including a $30,000 franchise fee). The estimated initial investment for a free-standing drive-thru store can be between $723,501 and $1,184,865.

Is Smoothie King a black owned business?

Texas. You know Smoothie King. But did you know there’s a Black-owned franchise on Ella Blvd.? They offer smoothies, of course, along with vitamins, supplements and healthy snacks.

Who founded Smoothie King?

Steve KuhnauCindy Kuhnau
Smoothie King/Founders

Do smoothie Kings make money?

The vast majority of Smoothie King franchisees, or the top 75% made $593,329 in net sales over one year. Given the estimated initial investment of a Smoothie King franchise can be as high as $858,000, it is important to invest less money to start a location.

How much money does Smoothie King make a year?

Average Sales / Revenue Per Year of Smoothie King The company was able to generate $415.7 million of revenue in 2020 and have over 1,300 locations around the world. When calculated, this would result in average annual revenue of over $300,000 per location.

How much does Smoothie King owner make a year?

According to Glassdoor, a Smoothie King franchise owner’s average salary in 2020 would be $42,337 – $46,085. This figure is a reported average, thus there could be a wide range of salaries. From an ownership perspective, it can also be advantageous from a tax perspective to earn less annually.

Who is Smoothie King owned by?

In July 2012, Smoothie King co-founders, Steve and Cindy Kuhnau, sold the brand to SK USA, Inc., headed by CEO Wan Kim, a successful franchisee with more than 100 stores throughout South Korea.

How much does it cost to buy a Smoothie King franchise?