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Can the m12 cut off tool cut wood?

Can the m12 cut off tool cut wood?

With different wheels or blades, you can cut everything from metal piping and sheet goods to wood, Hardie Plank, tile and more.

Can you use a cut off saw for wood?

These cut off saws are occasionally used in picture framing or manual woodworking, but have largely been replaced by power woodworking tools.

Does Milwaukee make a compact circular saw?

Big Things Come in 5-3/8″ Packages: Milwaukee Expands 12V Line with the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Circular Saw. The big news from Milwaukee is the small size of the latest Milwaukee M12 Fuel Circular Saw.

Is M12 fuel powerful enough?

We can all agree that the M12 tools are not as powerful as their M18 bigger brother, but for MOST applications, it’s plenty powerful and comes in a lighter and more compact footprint.

What’s the difference between the Milwaukee M12 and the Milwaukee M12 fuel?

M12 vs M12 fuel are almost similar, the only difference being that they have different motor systems, where the M12 fuel has brushless, and the other has a brushed motor.

Can I use a metal-cutting disc on wood?

You can cut the wood using the regular “steel” cutting blades. I use 3mm flat discs with no teeth. The wood will char at the edges of cut, but if you don’t mind the edges slightly burned and the smell, it can be used for small jobs.

What is the best circular saw in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee’s 2732 was our overall best cordless circular saw in 2021 for good reason. It set a new standard for performance with it combination of brushless motor and M18 High Output batteries.

What size blade does Milwaukee circular saw use?

As mentioned in our new Milwaukee tools post and 2014-2015 new Milwaukee tool preview, Milwaukee has come out with a new M18 Fuel brushless circular saw that’s built to handle full-size 7-1/4″ blades. It’s also a “right-handed” saw, which matches the design of most corded sidewinder-style circular saws.