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Is EEG safe in pregnancy?

Is EEG safe in pregnancy?

EEG’s are safe and painless. They are even safe in pregnancy. At times, seizures may be evoked, but can easily be treated by the doctor.

Is EEG harmful for babies?

Risks. EEGs are very safe. If your child has a seizure disorder, your doctor might want to stimulate and record a seizure during the EEG. A seizure can be triggered by flashing lights or a change in breathing pattern.

Can video telemetry diagnose epilepsy?

To help diagnose your child’s epilepsy, we may perform what’s called electroencephalogram (EEG) video telemetry to monitor electrical activity of the brain and record a typical seizure or spell. A standard EEG provides a snapshot of electrical activity in your child’s brain and runs about 30 minutes.

Is pregnancy safe with epilepsy?

Most pregnant women who have epilepsy deliver their babies without complications. Women who have epilepsy might be able to use the same methods of pain relief during labor and delivery as other pregnant women. Seizures don’t commonly occur during labor.

Is it safe to get pregnant with epilepsy?

Well, it’s time for the truth: Even though epilepsy can make pregnancy a bit more complicated, most women with epilepsy have safe pregnancies and healthy babies. Here are some common myths and facts about epilepsy and pregnancy.

Can an EEG cause a seizure?

In rare instances, an EEG can cause seizures in a person with a seizure disorder. This is due to the flashing lights or the deep breathing that may be involved during the test. If you do get a seizure, your healthcare provider will treat it immediately.

Is EEG test harmful?

EEG is a safe test with no side effects. However, a person with epilepsy may experience a seizure, triggered by the various stimuli used in the procedure, including the flashing lights. (This is not seen as a ‘complication’ by medical staff, because a seizure during an EEG can greatly help in diagnosis.)

What does a video EEG show?

A video EEG (electroencephalograph) monitoring is a diagnostic procedure using EEG and video recordings simultaneously in order to monitor seizure activity. A video EEG monitoring is usually performed in a hospital. The duration of the video EEG monitoring depends on the frequency of the seizures.

Does epilepsy make pregnancy high risk?

Uncontrolled seizures likely pose a greater risk to your baby than does any medication. It’s also important to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Does epilepsy medication affect pregnancy?

Lamotrigine and levetiracetam are safer medicines to take in pregnancy. It’s usually better to make any changes to your medicine before rather than during pregnancy. If you get pregnant while you’re taking an AED, continue to take it and contact your GP or neurologist immediately to discuss your treatment.

Does EEG have any side effects?

Can an EEG detect a past seizure?

An EEG can usually show if you are having a seizure at the time of the test, but it can’t show what happens to your brain at any other time. So even though your test results might not show any unusual activity it does not rule out having epilepsy.