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Which UKZN offers Computer Science?

Which UKZN offers Computer Science?

Computer Science is offered on the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses of UKZN. We have 4 Computer Science academic staff on the Pietermaritzburg campus and 6 Computer Science academic staff on the Westville campus.

What are the requirements to study at UKZN?

The minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution as certified by the Council for General and Further Education and Training (Umalusi).

How many points do I need to study computer science at UKZN?

Minimum entrance requirements: Admission points required: 30-48 (highest scoring students taken first). The closing date for applications is 30 September.

How many modules are there in computer science?

To gain a BSc in Computer Science, you’ll need to complete modules worth 360 credits. This includes: 8 compulsory modules at level 4, covering the fundamentals: how computers work, how to programme, and mathematics that underpin computer science.

How are APS calculated at UKZN?

To calculate your APS, you will need to add your six best subject percentages. Please note that this excludes Life Orientation and Maths Paper 3. Applicants will need to meet the minimum APS in order to be considered for a specific programme. Generally, you get points for each matric subject you write an exam in.

Can I upgrade my matric at UKZN?

You can apply for a Matric Upgrade as soon as you get your results for your final matric exams. Ensure that you apply on time to secure your place in that year’s matric upgrade.

How is APS score calculated at UKZN?

Does UKZN have computer science?

UKZN’s School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science is one of five Schools in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science. It is located predominantly on the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses, with an Engineering service presence on Howard College.

What are the admission requirements for computer science?

Standard Entry Route: You must normally satisfy one of the following requirements for entry via the standard route: Year 12 Higher Secondary Certificate (Regional or All India) 4 subjects each passed at 70% or above OR an overall average of 70% from all subjects taken; including Maths passed at 60% or above.

Can you apply with Grade 12 results at UKZN?

Yes, you may apply using your Grade 11 results if you are currently in Grade 12 and submit your Grade 12 results as soon and you receive those.

What subjects count for APS?

Subjects that count for APS are listed below:

  • Accounting.
  • Agricultural Science.
  • Business Studies.
  • Consumer Studies.
  • Dramatic Arts.
  • Economics.
  • Engineering Graphics and Design.
  • Geography.

Does UKZN accept maths lit?

This semester-long (6 month) programme is intended to upgrade your level of Mathematical skills and understanding, providing possible access to a Bachelor’s degree at UKZN, where Grade 12 Mathematics (Pure Math) is an entrance requirement, provided that the applicant meets the other qualifying criteria of the …

Can I transfer from DUT to UKZN?

I want to transfer from another university to UKZN how do I go about it and will I be credited? Firstly, the applicant has to apply via Then the applicant has to submit a certified copy of an academic record and conduct certificate, together with matric results and ID.

How many points do I need to study Computer Science at UKZN?

What are the requirements to get admission to UKZN?

In addition, as the medium of instruction at UKZN is English, a minimum of either is required: ยป Level 4 pass in English as Home Language (HL) or First Additional Language (FAL) for NSC; OR A 50% (D) pass in English HG as First or Second Language for Senior Certificate. NSC applicants must have obtained a Level 4 pass in Life Orientation.

Where is Computer Science offered at UKZN?

Computer Science is offered on the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses of UKZN. We offer Computer Science as a major for the BSc degree and in the BSc (CSIT) programme on both campuses. Students majoring in Computer Science for the BSc degree typically offer either Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry or Economics as a second major.

What are the requirements for a double major in Computer Science?

Maths requirements: A full year of Mathematics is required to proceed to level 2 in Computer Science 16 credits of level 2 Mathematics is required to proceed to level 3 of Computer Science. Students doing the double major will require an additional 32 credits of Mathematics.

What are the admission requirements for the honours programme?

Admission to the Honours programme requires a degree in Computer Science and a 55% average in four approved third level modules. Computer Science offers students the opportunity to pursue studies in the broad field of computer science.