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Is Ikea discontinuing the Alex drawers?

Is Ikea discontinuing the Alex drawers?

Hi, Yes this has been discontinued.

Are Ikea Alex drawers worth it?

I really do think these are great drawers. They are small enough to fit in tight spaces but big enough in width & depth to fit everything you need. They are pretty perfect for make-up or even clothes.

Why are Ikea Alex drawers so popular?

The popular Ikea Alex drawer units are a frugal way to create great-looking furniture with plenty of storage space. Alex is a series of storage and desk units that are super easy to customize. They are very simple pieces of furniture, so they’re highly versatile in terms of function.

Does IKEA do black Alex drawers?

ALEX Drawer unit on castors, grey-turquoise/black, 36×76 cm.

Why are Alex drawers so popular?

Is Alex drawer sturdy?

They are sturdy and have no wobble to them. They move around smoothly even on carpet.

How much does the Alex desk weigh?

82.3 pounds
Product information

Product Dimensions 23.63 x 51.63 x 29.88 inches
Item Weight 82.3 pounds
Manufacturer ikea
Item model number 402.607.17

How tall is the Alex drawer?

The IKEA Alex Drawer Unit has an overall height of 27.5” (70 cm), width of 14.125” (36 cm), and depth of 22.875” (58 cm). The IKEA Alex Drawer Unit features five storage compartments ideal for storage of paperwork, general households, and items of clothing in a kids’ room, craft room, and home office.

Are Alex drawers sturdy?

Can I paint Ikea Alex drawers?

Sand and paint the drawer fronts and the bodies of the Alex drawer units – it’s a good idea to slightly rough up the bodies of the units with a fine-grit sandpaper so the paint sticks better.

Is Ikea gaming desk good?

The majority of the gamers prefer buying Ikea desks for gaming as they are strong, sturdy and ergonomically designed. These tabletop desks are designed by the Swedish furniture company to set up your gaming nook. Many people do not realize the benefits of investing in a gaming desk.

How much does Vika Alex furniture cost?

VIKA LEGS – ALL PARTS AND PRICES VIKA ALEX drawer unit,W36xD58xH70 cm. Foiled also on the back; nice looking from all sides and can be used in the middle of a room. White 801.928.25$140 VIKA ALEX storage unit,W36xD58xH70 cm. Adjustable shelf provides space for a computer; adjust according to need.

How much does a Vika Amon table cost?

This combination $115 VIKA AMON/VIKA ALEX: Supported by a drawer unit as well as a storage unit, your table can store anything from papers and pens to computer equipment. Overall size 200×60 cm, height 73,4 cm.

What is the Vika tablebar?

At the VIKA tablebar you mix the ingredients to make your own table that perfectly suits your needs, and your wallet. Everything from a handsome dining table or desk with drawers to a hobby table for the children.

What are the dimensions of the IKEA Vika products?

VIKA BYSKE 155×75 cm VIKA FURUSKOG 120×60 cm VIKA FURUSKOG 150×75 cm VIKA GLASHOLM 99×52 cm. VIKA GLASHOLM 148×73 cm VIKA GRUVAN 140×70 cm VIKA HYTTAN 120×60 cm VIKA HYTTAN 150×75 cm VIKA VEINE 99×60 cm * Add an extra leg for increased stability. 7 © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2008/2011 Some prices may be subject to change Created Date