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What does pleasantly cold mean?

What does pleasantly cold mean?

Unemotional; chill (4) Fashionably attractive (4) Like much fall weather (4) Like jacket weather (4) Partner of “calm and collected” (4)

What term is used for low temperature?

Hypothermia (Low Body Temperature)

What is another word for cold temperature?

1 frigid, gelid, frozen, freezing.

How do you say lovely weather?

Words used to describe calm and pleasant weather – thesaurus

  1. calm. adjective. if the weather is calm, there is very little wind.
  2. calm. noun. a state in which there is no wind, so that the sea does not move very much.
  3. clear. adjective.
  4. clement. adjective.
  5. cloudless. adjective.
  6. equable. adjective.
  7. fair. adjective.
  8. fine. adjective.

How do you express cold weather?

5 Ways to Talk About the Cold Weather

  1. CHILLY. Sounds like a good we like to eat, but spelled differently.
  2. FRIGID. This is a good word to describe the weather when it is super cold.
  3. FROSTY. Just like the song “Frosty the Snowman”.
  5. COLDER THAN A ___________!

What is the synonym for temperature?

What is another word for temperature?

climate weather
fever feverishness
fervourUK high temperature
incandescence sweatiness
heatwave overheating

What are frigid temperatures?

adjective. Frigid means extremely cold. […] [formal]

How do you describe a cold setting?

Describe the snowy, icy, frozen world around your characters. Don’t simply tell us how your character feels in the cold. If you want readers to shiver along with them, tell us how “the wind is whipping through the trees, creaking and groaning like an old rocking chair”.

What do you call perfect weather?

equable. adjective. formal equable weather is not extreme and does not change very much.

What are 3 ways to say temperature?

The three most common options are Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvins: The Fahrenheit scale measures temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). …

What is the opposite of temperature?

What is the opposite of temperature?

cool chill
freeze frigidity
cold chilliness
frostiness iciness

What are 3 signs of hyperthermia?

What are the symptoms of hyperthermia?

  • Blurred vision.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fast breathing or heart rate.
  • Fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Light-headedness or syncope (fainting).
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Muscle aches or cramps.

What is the synonyms of frigid?


  • algid,
  • arctic,
  • bitter,
  • bone-chilling,
  • chill,
  • chilly,
  • cold,
  • coldish,

What’s frigid mean?

intensely cold
Definition of frigid 1a : intensely cold frigid water. b : lacking warmth or ardor : indifferent had an emotionally frigid father. 2 : lacking imaginative qualities : insipid writing precise and frigid poetry. 3a : abnormally averse to sexual intercourse —used especially of women.

How do you say weather is cold?

What is cold weather temperature?

Cold: Any temperature not exceeding 8°C (46 °F). Room temperature: The temperature prevailing in a work area. Controlled room temperature: The temperature maintained thermostatically that encompasses at the usual and customary working environment of 20°-25° (68°-77 °F).