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Where is the Salthill prom?

Where is the Salthill prom?

City of Galway
Salthill (Irish: Bóthar na Trá) is a seaside area in the City of Galway in the west of Ireland. Lying within the townland of Lenaboy (an Léana Buí), it attracts many tourists all year round. There is a 2 km long promenade, locally known as the Prom, overlooking Galway Bay with bars, restaurants and hotels.

How long is the Salthill Promenade?

approx. 2 miles long
The Promenade at Salthill is approx. 2 miles long (3kms) and it overlooks Galway Bay. It ideal for walking, strolling & jogging. Spectacular views across the bay and with seating along its length.

Is Salthill in Connemara?

Salthill beach is located on the edge of Galway city, on the coast road to Connemara. Lifeguards are on duty from mid-May to the end of September during daytime hours. The beach is accompanied by a long promenade which is very popular with walkers and runners.

Can you swim in Salthill Galway?

Salthill Beach is technically a group of small beaches, some sandy and some pebbly, that are separated by small, rocky outcrops alongside the Galway suburb of Salthill. The beach is popular for swimming, with lifeguards on duty every day during the months of July and August and at weekends during June.

Why do you kick the wall in Salthill?

Well, kicking the wall is a long-standing tradition as part of a walk along the prom. You get to the end, you kick the wall, you turn back. It’s been mystifying tourists for years. Then six years ago, someone came up with the idea of using the tradition to raise money for charity.

How big is Salthill?

Discover the magic of Salthill This well established holiday destination offers the best of both worlds and is probably best known for its 2 mile long promenade overlooking Galway Bay.

What is the Latin Quarter in Galway?

The Latin Quarter is the cultural heart of Galway city and home to many of the city’s quirkiest, owner ran and best-known pubs, restaurants in Galway, and unique independent shops and cafes, along with historic buildings.

Is Salthill beach Sandy?

Salthill Beach The beach at Salthill is comprised of several small beaches separated by outcrops. Some of the beaches are sandy and some pebbly. It is located in Galway city and on Galway Bay, a Special Area of Conservation.

When was the Salthill promenade built?

Galway, Ireland | C. 1860.

Why do people kick the wall in Galway?

Kicking the wall in Galway signifies the end of the journey, a personal accomplishment.

Who owns Salthill hotel?

Ricky Byrne
Ricky Byrne, who owns the hotel, along with the Eyre Square and Victoria hotels in the city centre, is attempting to restructure bank debts of more than €40 million and has warned the group’s losses are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

When was Galway Bay Hotel built?

Galway Bay Hotel Team Members awarded for their hard work and commitment since the hotel opened in 1998.

Why is it called the Latin Quarter Galway?

Galway has always had a close relationship with both Spain and Portugal, so much so that at one point the ruling class in Dublin once said that “Galway is more Spanish than Irish” due to the large number of Spanish residence. It is for this reason that the Spanish Arch got its name.

Can you swim in Galway Bay?

It is particularly popular with and suitable for young families. It faces directly into Galway Bay giving spectacular views. There is a promenade with parking capacity for about 60 vehicles. The beach is suitable for swimming at low tide but the beach area is largely covered during high tide.