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What fish are in season in Kona?

What fish are in season in Kona?

While Blue Marlin fishing in Kona is productive year round, the peak seasons for Blue Marlin in fishing Kona is June through September. Striped Marlin – The Striped Marlin is a Pacific Species of Billfish found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans….Kona Hawaii Fishing Season Calendar.

Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi)
MAR Fair
APR Fair
MAY Good
JUN Best

What kind of fish can you catch in Kona Hawaii?

Tuna is also a great sport fish and you will find the albacore, big-eye, skipjack and yellow-fin tuna roaming the seas of the Kona Coast. You can also fish for mahi mahi (dorado), ono (wahoo), kahala (amberjack), giant trevally (ulua) and few other minor species.

Can you fish in Kona?

The Kona Coast is renowned for its deep sea fishing, and visitors can rent charters out of Honokohau Harbor (just north of Historic Kailua Village) in search of marlin, mahimahi, ono, ahi and more.

Does Hawaii have good deep sea fishing?

Island of Hawaii Considered the mecca for deep sea fishing in Hawaii, the Kona Coast has a huge ocean drop off that descends thousands of feet not too far from the island’s coast. Charters depart from Honokohau Harbor, which is located between the Kona Airport and town of Kona.

What is the best month to fish in Hawaii?

Many anglers think the best time to fish in Hawaii is from June to August because it’s the peak time for catching yellowfin tuna (ahi) as they average over 100 pounds. You can also find ono (wahoo), mahimahi, and blue marlin (Aʻu B).

Where can I shore fish in Kona?

I’ve seen some big boys (36″) right there in Kona off the seawall but most commonly I catch juvenile kaku. Two good spots are the fish ponds just south of the airport and at A-bay. They lurk right next to shore. If you drag a fly behind as you walk along the beach you’ll often be surprised with a strike and hookup.

Do I need a fishing license in Kona?

Do I need to get a license or permit to fish in the ocean? There is no marine recreational fishing license in Hawai’i for residents, and although one is in the works for visitors it hasn’t been implemented yet. So you don’t need to worry about that as long as you don’t sell your catch.

Can you catch mahi mahi in Hawaii?

Although available most of the year, mahimahi catches in Hawaii usually peak in March-May and September-November.

What time of day is best to fish in Hawaii?

Days close to the full and new moon have the greatest difference between the high and low tide. Fish bite best after the bottom of the low tide as the new water floods the reef. Second best tidal period to fish is after the peak high tide, as water rushes out of the reef.

What is the best month for fishing?

See the best fishing dates and times for 2022 from The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s fishing calendar. And enjoy some great fishing tips from Almanac anglers!…Best Fishing Days in 2022.

Month Best Fishing Days
May 1–16, 30, 31
June 1–14, 28–30
July 1–13, 28–31

Do you need a license to shore fish in Hawaii?

Which Hawaiian island has the best fishing?

the Big Island
The best island for fishing in Hawaii has to be the Big Island. It has the largest charter fleet and the most legendary fishing grounds. The Big Island’s main sportfishing hotspot, Kailua-Kona, even made it onto our ultimate angling bucket list.

Can I bring fish back from Hawaii?

It’s fine. Here’s what TSA says: >>>Meat, fish, vegetables and other non-liquid food items are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags. If the food is packed with ice or ice packs in a cooler or other container, the ice or ice packs must be completely frozen when brought through screening.

How far out do you have to go to catch mahi mahi?

The best times to catch Mahi Mahi in Florida are during the spring and summer months. From April to October you can find this migratory fish hanging out in the Atlantic Ocean just less than 10 miles offshore. Mahi mahi can range anywhere up to 63 inches, and they usually weigh around 30 pounds.