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What is an adit in mining?

What is an adit in mining?

adit, a horizontal or near-horizontal passage driven from the Earth’s surface into the side of a ridge or mountain for the purpose of working, ventilating, or removing water from a mine.

What is a passage in a coal mine called?

Airway – Any passage in a mine along which an air current moves. Some passages are driven solely for air. Other passages, such as a main level, are all purpose, to move air, men, coal, and materials. Anthracite.

How are mine shafts named?

When the top of the excavation is the ground surface, it is referred to as a shaft; when the top of the excavation is underground, it is called a winze or a sub-shaft. Small shafts may be excavated upwards from within an existing mine as long as there is access at the bottom, in which case they are called raises.

What is a mining elevator called?

Cage – In a mine shaft, the device, similar to an elevator car, that is used for hoisting personnel and materials.

What is a vertical mine entrance called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for VERTICAL PASSAGE INTO A MINE [shaft]

What is a mine entry?

Abstract. Mine entries indicate the entrance into a mine working, for which there are two types: shafts and adits. Mine shafts are vertical or near vertical entrances to a mine whereas adits are a walkable entrance to a mine as shown on plans held by the Coal Authority.

Which mineral is mined using adit method?

Adits were used in Cornwall before 1500, and were important to the tin and copper mines in Cornwall and Devon because the ore-bearing veins are nearly vertical, thus acting as ingress channels for water.

What is adit qualification?

The ADIT qualification is a highly respected international tax learning programme, with students in over 120 countries worldwide. Designed by world-leading experts, it is a challenging and rigorous qualification that will reward you and your career.

What is a mines entrance called?

An adit (from Latin aditus, entrance) is an entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal, by which the mine can be entered, drained of water, ventilated, and minerals extracted at the lowest convenient level.

What is a mine entrance 4 letters?

The crossword clue Mine entrance with 4 letters was last seen on the October 11, 2021. We think the likely answer to this clue is ADIT.

What are the different parts of a mine?

The main mine components are the mine workings, tailings and waste rock. Mine Components Mine Drainage / Impact? The different physical and chemical properties and depositional environments of mine components result in different hydrological and geochemical conditions.

What’s the deepest mine on earth?

Mponeng gold mine
AngloGold Ashanti’s Mponeng gold mine, located south-west of Johannesburg in South Africa, is currently the deepest mine in the world. The operating depth at Mponeng mine ranged from between 3.16km to 3.84km below the surface by the end of 2018.

How many mine shafts are there in the UK?

The UK Coal Authority record some 150,000 coal mine shafts and other mine entrances and it is thought that there are many more but are unrecorded or “missing”. They estimate that there are 25,000 square kilometres of abandoned underground coal mine workings and tunnels in the Britain.

What are the advantages of adits in mining?

Access to a mine by adit has many advantages over the vertical access shafts used in shaft mining. Less energy is required to transport miners and heavy equipment into and out of the mine. It is also much easier to bring ore or coal out of the mine.

What is a drainage adit in mining?

Adits are useful for deeper mines, as water only needs to be raised to the drainage adit rather than to the surface. Because of the great reduction in ongoing costs that a drainage adit can provide, they have sometimes been driven for great distances for this purpose.

What is an example of a mining adit?

Other examples are the Great County Adit in Cornwall, a 40-mile (65 km)-long network of adits that used to drain the whole Gwennap mining area, and the 3.9 mile (6.2 km) Sutro Tunnel at the Comstock Lode in Virginia City, Nevada.

What is an adit level?

A level that reaches the surface, on a hillside or in a valley, for instance, is called an “adit level”. In the Worsley Navigable Levels in Greater Manchester, England, the levels were intentionally flooded and coal was transported on canal boats.