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Who was the male dancer in The Proposal?

Who was the male dancer in The Proposal?

The Proposal (2009) – Oscar Nuñez as Ramone – IMDb.

What was the dancers name in The Proposal?

Ramone strips for Margaret. Ramone is an omnipresent citizen of Sitka who holds a number of jobs. He is seen as a waiter, stripper, a store clerk, and even as a minister, he is kind of a dancer at the time when he striped danced for Margaret Tate.

Who played Kevin in The Proposal?

The puppy named Kevin is played by four American Eskimo puppies named Flurry, Sitka, Nanu and Winter. After the film premiered, Sandra Bullock told the UK’s “GMTV” that she knows why “The Proposal” was her biggest box office opening yet.

How old is Oscar Nunez?

63 years (November 18, 1958)Oscar Nunez / Age

Who is the male lead in The Proposal?

Ryan Reynolds
Cast. Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, a pushy editor-in-chief at a major New York City book publisher. Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton, Margaret’s assistant whose ultimate career goal is to become an editor.

How old was Ryan Reynolds during The Proposal?

Bullock) who, faced with deportation, forces her assistant (played by 32-year-old actor Ryan Reynolds) to become her fiancé.

What breed is Kevin from The Proposal?

Audiences have fallen in love with Kevin, the fluffy white American Eskimo dog who appears alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the hit romantic comedy The Proposal. In real life, Kevin was portrayed by four different pooches: Flurry, Sitka, Nanu and Winter.

How old was Ryan and Sandra in The Proposal?

And in The Proposal, where she was paired with 33-year-old Ryan Reynolds, her character claimed that the first concert she ever saw was one by Rob Base. That would have had to be in 1988 or later, which would make Sandra in her 30s!

What is Oscar real name?

Officially named the Academy Award of Merit, the statuette is better known by its nickname, Oscar.

Who is Bob Spaulding in The Proposal?

Aasif Mandvi
The Proposal (2009) – Aasif Mandvi as Bob Spaulding – IMDb.

What is so ironic about The Proposal in The Proposal?

Answer. Answer: It is so ironic that Chubukov was unwilling to lend any money to Lomov, in case he asked but was ecstatic to get his proposal for his daughter. Again the fact that Natalya and Lomov acknowledged their marriage all the while debating fiercely on the ownership of meadows.

Did Ryan Reynolds and Betty White get along?

Betty White and Ryan Reynolds met while starring in the 2010 movie “The Proposal.” White played Reynolds’ grandmother in the film, and they’ve had an amusing public friendship since.

How big does a mini American Eskimo get?

The United Kennel Club recognizes two sizes: miniature and standard. Miniature here indicates males 12 inches up to and including 15 inches, and females 11 inches up to and including 14 inches. Standard size indicates males over 15 to 19 inches and females over 14 to 18 inches.