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Which coaching is best for MPSC?

Which coaching is best for MPSC?

Top MPSC Coaching institutes in India: Collegedunia ranking

Rank Institute Contact No
1 Unique IAS 9109427663
2 Dronacharya IAS 8652765050
3 Pioneer Academy 9145339324
4 Guru Educircle 9892716114

Which online class is best for MPSC?

Best Online Coaching for Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Examination

  • GRADEUP. Best Online Coaching for Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Examination.
  • GRADEUP. Address.

Which coaching is best for UPSC in Mumbai?

Best IAS Coaching in Mumbai with Fees

Institute Fees
1. Chahal Academy 1-year fee: Rs.1,12,100/- 2-year fee: Rs.1,41,600/- 3-year fee: Rs.1,71,100/- Unlimited batch: Rs.2,00,600/-
2. Lakshya Academy Rs – 1,70,000 There are different options for discounts and installments.

What is the fees for IAS coaching in Mumbai?

Live Classes Fees For IAS/UPSC Coaching in Mumbai

Batch Duration FEES (+GST)
One Year Batch Rs.65,000/-
Two Year Batch Rs.80,000/-
Three Years Batch Rs.1,00,000/-

Which academy is best for MPSC in Maharashtra?

List of Best 10 MPSC Coaching in Maharashtra Institutes

  • Plutus IAS.
  • The Hinduzone.
  • Yojna IAS.
  • Kautilya IAS.
  • The Eklavya IAS academy.
  • Rise Academy.
  • Lakshya IAS academy.
  • Elite IAS academy.

Can I prepare for UPSC in Mumbai?

For IAS preparation you can definitely live in Mumbai what you can take as to take a test series of Vision IAS which is very good for UPSC exam preparation that you can take by living in Mumbai itself. You feel very much comfort in your home when you prepare for civil services examination.

Is Mumbai Good for UPSC preparation?

Mumbai Maharashtra is having the all facilities like best UPSC faculties compass UPSC coaching institute best study material for IAS test series all and everything which is required to prepare for the Indian administrative services examination is now available in Mumbai locality.

Which Youtube channel is best for MPSC?

Featured Channels

  • Dr Preeti Raut 8.66K subscribers.
  • Saral Seva Bharati 3.8K subscribers.
  • MPSC Current Affairs 2.19K subscribers.
  • Samprita Tatte 1.11K subscribers.
  • SP Academy 1.61K subscribers.
  • Dr Preeti Akshaya 505 subscribers.

Is Unacademy free for UPSC?

Both Unacademy and BYJU’s platforms offer free and paid content and courses for UPSC aspirants. However, many courses on Unacademy are free.

Who is the IAS officer of Mumbai?

Maharashtra govt appoints IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide as MD of Mumbai Metro.

Which is the best MPSC coaching in Bhopal?

List of Best MPSC Coaching in Bhopal. 1. Pioneer Academy MPSC in Mumbai. 2. GUIDANCE GROUP MPSC Coaching in Mumbai. 3. Sankalp IAS Forum Coaching in Mumbai. 4. Focus Classes MPSC Coaching In Mumbai. 5. Lakshya MPSC Coaching in Mumbai. 6. The prayers India MPSC Coaching in Mumbai. 7. Royale IAS Academy in Mumbai 8. Paradigm IAS Academy in Mumbai. 9.

Which is the best coaching for IAS exam in Mumbai?

Lakshya Academy Lakshya academy for civil services examination coaching is one of the top choices by the city’s UPSC IAS exam aspirants. As per the institute, their mission is to see aspirants from the state of Maharashtra lead the list of successful students in the UPSC and MPSC examination.

Why choose MPSC exam coaching in Mumbaihane?

MPSC exam coaching classes in Mumbai & Thane guides the candidates throughout their exams covering everything from the Prelim exam to Main exams to final interview round. Candidates applying for the various posts offered by MPSC should befits the following eligibility criteria:

Which is the best Institute for UPSC coaching in Mumbai?

From their website, Prayas India is an ISO 9001:2015 institution. From what we have understood from the survey, it is clearly the best institute for UPSC coaching in Mumbai. The Prayas India aims at imparting result-oriented tutoring to its students. What’s Good at The Prayas India?