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Does testosterone cause clitoromegaly?

Does testosterone cause clitoromegaly?

A common side effect of testosterone replacement therapy for women is an enlarged clitoris, also referred to as clitoromegaly. While a small amount of enlargement of the clitoral tissue may not bother some women, some may find that the change in appearance is drastic enough to be bothersome.

What does clitoromegaly mean?

Clitoromegaly (or macroclitoris) is an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. It is congenital or acquired, most often as a result of exposure to an excess of androgens in fetal life, infancy, or adolescence.

What is clitoromegaly surgery?

A clitoroplasty is a procedure done on the clitoris (the small, visible part of the female genitalia). This procedure is rare and is performed after many conversations with the surgeon. It can be done on adults, teens and young children.

Can PCOS cause clitoromegaly?

Mild degree of clitoromegaly may also be present in cases of polycystic ovarian disease with an incidence of 2%–3%. In PCOS, due to increased secretion of LH and insulin-like growth factor 1, there occurs an increased synthesis of ovarian and adrenal androgens which leads to hirsutism, acne, baldness and clitoromegaly.

How common is clitoromegaly?

Acquired non-hormonal clitoromegaly is a rare condition and is due to benign or malignant tumours and sometimes idiopathic. Few cases of clitoral abscesses have been reported after female circumcision. We hereby report a case of clitoral abscess causing acquired clitoromegaly following an obstetrical surgery.

Is it safe to bind your chest with FtM?

Before there were safe and accessible products for trans* people, many used unsafe alternatives like ace bandages or duct tape to bind their chest to have the tissue appear flat. FTM binding with these materials can restrict your ability to breathe and move properly.

What is a chest binder?

What is a Chest Binder? A chest binder pushes breast tissue back towards the body, creating the appearance of a flat chest. They are most frequently used by transgender men or nonbinary people as an alternative to or while waiting for breast removal surgery (mastectomy).

What is the clitoromegaly?

In most of the cases, the Clitoromegaly is referred to the exterior or visible part of clitoris which is termed as external Clitoris. As a matter of fact, a clitoris has varying sizes just like the penises and breasts.

Can testosterone pellets cause clitoromegaly?

In the past, the frequency of clitoromegaly was fairly low and was most commonly associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Now, with the popularity of testosterone pellets for women on the rise, the number of individuals affected by this condition has increased.