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What Colour is Wella 5 73?

What Colour is Wella 5 73?

Light Brunette Gold Brown
Wella Koleston Perfect ME+, 5/73 Light Brunette Gold Brown 60ml.

How much does Wella shampoo cost?

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What Colour is Wella 6 73?

Dark Brunette Gold Blonde
Wella Koleston Perfect ME+, 6/73 Dark Brunette Gold Blonde 60ml.

Is Wella shampoo good for hair?

And one company that gets it right with every product that it comes out with is Wella Professionals. Wella shampoos are trusted by women all over the world because they have been making quality hair products for over 130 years now….10 Best Wella Shampoos For Dry And Damaged Hair – 2022.

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Is Wella shampoo chemical free?

About Wella This particular product comes under the category of Elements in Wella Shampoo category which is “free of” any harmful chemicals. This category is curated for ingredients-conscious clients, which instantly repairs and prevents against keratin degeneration.

What color is 6 73 koleston?

Dark Blonde Brown Gold
Koleston perfect ME+ 6/73 Dark Blonde Brown Gold 60ml.

Is Wella shampoo sulfate-free?

Wella presents a Sulfate-free shampoo that deeply nourishes, repairs and protects damaged, dull hair. This professional hair care product provides maximum keratin protection thanks to the ‘NuTREE complex’, with natural tree extracts.

Is Wella shampoo natural?

Discover our caring, yet high-performing line, which is designed with up to 99% natural-origin formulas*, formulated without silicones, sulfates or animal-derived ingredients and brought to you in responsible packaging**.

Which Wella toner is best for yellow hair?

Wella T18 is another variant of the liquid Wella toner for bleached hair. Unlike the T14, the T18 has a purple base and helps cancel out yellow tones from hair. The Wella T18 toner leaves bleached hair a very light ash blonde (almost platinum) shade.