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Who does ritsuka end up with in dance with devils?

Who does ritsuka end up with in dance with devils?

Rem Kaginuki
Ritsuka Tachibana (立華 リツカ Tachibana Ritsuka) is the main protagonist of Dance With Devils. She is a 16-year old second-year attendee of Shikō Academy and the daughter of Maksis and Maria Tachibana. In the anime, Ritsuka falls in love with Rem Kaginuki and eventually becomes his lover.

How old is mage in dance with devils?

Mage Nanashiro (南那城 メイジ, Nanashiro Meiji) is one of the main heroes of Dance With Devils. He is the Secretary of the Student Council in Shikō Academy….Mage Nanashiro.

Age 18
Species Devil
Height 188cm
Weight 72kg

Is dance with the devil reverse harem?

Dance with Devils is a great example of a “reverse harem” done right.

Will there be a season 2 of Dance With Devils?

Dance with Devils Season 2: Renewal Status Some speculation said that there is no chance for the second season of this anime due to limitations from the source material. But some speculation said, the studio will make a new story from the previous plotline and make it to Dance with Devils Season 2.

Are Lindo and ritsuka related?

While hiding, Lindo reveals to Ritsuka that they are not siblings; but cousins. His father was a vampire, and his real mother is actually their deceased maternal aunt, Marta. He then confesses to Ristuka that he is in-love with her and attempts to kiss her, only to be interrupted when Rem arrives.

How tall is Shiki dance with devils?


Shiki Natsumezaka
Age 18
Species Fallen Angel
Height 169cm
Weight 52kg

How many episodes dance with devils?

Dance with Devils

ダンス ウィズ デビルス (Dansu Wizu Debirusu)
Original network Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS Fuji
English network Funimation
Original run 7 October 2015 – 23 December 2015
Episodes 12

How many seasons of Devil is a part timer?

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
1 13 April 3, 2013
2 12 July 14, 2022

Does ritsuka end up with Lindo or REM?

The two later team up to save Ritsuka, signifying a begrudging respect. In the final episode, Lindo is surprised at Rem’s genuine love for Ritsuka. However, he accepts the fact that Rem and Ritsuka love each other and was ready to let Rituska go if she chose to leave with Rem.

What happens to REM and ritsuka?

While dancing, Rem realizes his feelings for Ritsuka. In episode 9, Rem is seen throughout the episode looking for Ritsuka, finally having decided that he loves her more than he wants the grimoire. He eventually finds her hiding in the temple with Lindo and appears shocked when he sees the Lindo about to kiss her.

Are ritsuka and Lindo siblings?

Does Shiki like ritsuka?

Ritsuka Tachibana They have a strange relationship, with Shiki seeming to enjoy teasing Ritsuka, and taking pleasure from her difficult situation. Shiki claims that she and him are the same. When he traps her in the illusion of a museum he tells Ritsuka to stay with him and be his.

Is Lindo a vampire?

Lindo is later revealed to be a dhampir, which is a half human and half vampire. Lindo confesses in episode 11, that if anything happens to Ritsuka, then he can’t dare to go on living.

Is Dance With Devils a romance?

Dance with Devils is something that is going to appeal to the romance lovers in anime, which is fine since those types of fans don’t really get catered to outside of Doujinshi or Tumblr.