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Who is Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew?

Who is Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew?

Petruchio is a gentleman who comes to Padua from Verona seeking a wife. He is loud, stubborn, and boisterous—in some ways a male version of Katherine. He accepts the challenge of taming Katherine and is confident in his ability to exercise male dominance over her.

Why is Petruchio the protagonist?

Petruchio shares the title of “Protagonist” with Kate as he struggles with Katherine to “tame” her into submission – that is, make her into an obedient wife.

Is Petruchio the Shrew?

Petruchio, fictional character, a gentleman of Verona who goes to Padua in search of a wife and becomes the suitor of Katharina, the shrew of the title, in William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (written sometime in 1590–94).

What kind of character is Petruchio?

Petruchio is just about the most unlikeable character, without being a villain, in Shakespeare. He is boastful and selfish. On the face of it, he is an uncaring, cruel, chauvinistic, domineering, greedy man who treats marriage as a power trip.

How are Kate and Petruchio different?

Kate is equal to Petruchio linguistically which also displays an aspect of her character, that she feels that she is easily the equal of any man. Kate, it is clearly he who comes off better, immediately setting about her with short witty lines, and puns, ‘for dainties are all Kates. ‘

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in The Taming of the Shrew?

Character Role Analysis Katherine and Petruchio, both protagonists, struggle with each other throughout the play. Most critics see Katherine’s shrewish behavior as the “villain” because it’s the thing that must be overcome in order for Kate and Petruchio to live happily ever after.

Does Katherine like Petruchio?

In this interpretation, Petruchio marries Katharine solely for her dowry. The counterargument is that Petruchio develops love for Katharine and tames her because he sees her shrewishness as a condition that she cannot cure on her own.

How does Katherine feel about Petruchio?

She does not resist her suitor Petruchio forever, though, and she eventually subjugates herself to him, despite her previous repudiation of marriage.

What kind of person is Petruchio?