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What is Hill Start Assist in a Jeep?

What is Hill Start Assist in a Jeep?

The HSA system is designed to assist the driver when starting a vehicle from a stop on a hill. HSA will maintain the level of brake pressure the driver applied for a short period of time after the driver takes their foot off of the brake pedal.

What does the Hill Start Assist light mean?

If this light appears on your dashboard, there is a malfunction in the hill start assist system. You should have your vehicle inspected immediately if this light is illuminated. If this light appears accompanied by the word “OFF”, it is an indicator that the vehicle’s hill start assist system is not operational.

What should you point out about Hill Start Assist?

Helps prevent roll-back when starting up again from a stopped position on an incline. What It Does: Assists in keeping a car from rolling backward when stopped on a hill.

Does Hill Start Assist work?

Hill start assist does not manage your car’s speed when you’re going up a hill. This feature does not increase your traction, it just prevents you from rolling backwards or forwards. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times when you’re stopped on an incline or decline.

Is hill start assist good?

Hill start assist is a really simple bit of tech and it’s available on all sorts of cars – it’s very convenient and great for those who live in a hilly region. Don’t rely on hill-start assist to keep the car still on an incline if you’re not pulling away, though.

What does it mean hill start assist not available?

Hill start assist… is deactivated when you select sport mode or when you completely deactivate the stability control. When you shut off the car it resets to the default traction/stability mode which is why that indication went away.

Can you turn off hill start assist?

Can’t be turned off but it’s only activated if you are holding the brakes and releasing the clutch at the same time. So at a light on a hill if you do a correct handbrake start with you foot off the brake it will not activate.