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What is t5ho lighting?

What is t5ho lighting?

“HO” stands for high output. T5 HO lamps deliver more light than standard T5 lamps and are available in higher wattages. HO lamps have the same diameter and length as standard T5 lamps.

What is the difference between T5 and t5ho?

T5 vs. The T5 and T5 HO are the same size, but have different outputs. The T5 has an output of 2,900 lumens, similar to the T8 output. The T5 HO has up to 5,000 lumens. With the T5 HO lamps, fewer lamps can be used on projects, which save money due to less maintenance.

How many lumens does a t5ho produce?

Providing from 83 to 94 lumens per watt, the T5 HO lamps are about 10% to 15% less efficacious than standard T5 lamps and as much as 8% less efficacious than a T8 system.

What are the brightest LED fluorescent tubes?

Currently, the brightest T5 sized LED tube light is the Philips 473512 LED Dimmable Light Tube. This tube shines with 3500 lumens (54 watt replacement). They cost around $85 for a pack of ten. The brightest four foot T8-sized LED tube light is the Barrina LED Shop Light Fixture.

Are T5 lights full spectrum?

High-Output, Full-Spectrum Replacement T5 Bulbs for SunLiteĀ® Gardens. When it’s time to replace the light bulbs in your SunLite Garden, these fluorescent bulbs are the perfect choice.

Are T5 LED Full Spectrum?

Active Grow T5 High Output 4FT LED Grow Light Bulb – Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Veg, Bloom, Greens & Microgreens – 24W – Sun White Full Spectrum High CRI 95 – Direct Replacement – 4-Pack. Learn more about free returns.

What is the difference between T5 and full spectrum LED grow lights?

Both T5s and full-spectrum LEDs are heavy in the blue spectrum. Both lights draw very little power compared to high pressure sodium and metal halide lights, making them very economical for either commercial growing or personal use.

Can I replace T5HO fluorescent lamps with led?

Today, we look at an alternative solution that removes just the T5HO fluorescent lamps, and replaces them with an equivalent LED T5HO version. This means keeping the same fixture and setup, and just swapping out bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about new light fixtures and installing them. Why Make the Change to LED?

What is the difference between T8 and T5HO lamps?

Fluorescent T5HO lamps are a thinner, higher power version of the ubiquitous T8 fluorescent tube. Their typical 54W power rating provides significantly more light output than their 32W T8 counterparts, and this makes them better suited for grow light applications. Fluorescent tubes, unfortunately, have numerous downsides.

Are full-spectrum LED grow lights better for clones?

But for lighting clones, full-spectrum LEDs edge out T5 fluorescents in two crucial aspects: versatility and durability. For starters, full-spectrum LEDs are the only grow lights that can be used in all phases of cannabis growth.