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What is the song to the moon about?

What is the song to the moon about?

The Context of “Song to the Moon” Rusalka is the daughter of a water-goblin who wants nothing more than to be human after she falls in love with a hunter/prince who frequents the lake in which she lives. Rusalka sings this song asking the moon to reveal her love to the Prince.

Did rusalka inspire the Little Mermaid?

The opera mirrors Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Rusalka’s libretto draws inspiration from a number of sources, notably the French legend Melusine and Andersen’s fairy tale.

What happened to JNR Choi?

With a label backing, JNR Choi is currently at work on his second full-length project, which will follow his self-released effort from 2021. He promises its arrival before the end of the year, and adds that it’ll invite listeners to explore different worlds showcasing his versatility outside of drill.

Is rusalka real?

According to Vladimir Propp, the original “rusalka” was an appellation used by pagan Slavic peoples, who linked them with fertility and did not consider rusalki evil before the 19th century. They came out of the water in the spring to transfer life-giving moisture to the fields and thus helped nurture the crops.

When did Dvořák write Rusalka?

Coming right after his four symphonic poems inspired by Erben’s folk-ballads, Rusalka was composed very quickly, between April and November 1900.

What is Jnr Choi ethnicity?

“To the Moon” (also written “To the Moon!” per its cover) is a song by Gambian-born England-based rapper Jnr Choi, released as a single on 5 November 2021 independently, and later through Epic and Black Butter Records.

What is Jnr Choi nationality?

Born in West Africa and raised in London, JNR Choi (who prefers to leave his birth name unknown) was starring in runway campaigns for Givenchy, AMIRI and Marcelo Burton before the age that most receive their college diplomas.

What was the first song heard on the moon?

Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Sinatra’s version of “Fly Me to the Moon” was the first music heard on the moon as Aldrin stepped onto the surface. It was previously played during the Apollo 10 mission. The impact of that momentous event rippled through music and pop culture.