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What is woolich Race tools?

What is woolich Race tools?

The Race Tools package allows you to enable Quickshifter, Launch Control and Pit Speed Limiter in the Stock ECU. View products and features available for Kawasaki Versys X 300 2017-2022 on our products page.

What is woolich?

Woolich Racing AutoTune is a feature currently available in the Woolich Racing Tuned software. AutoTune works with data logged either from the Engine Data Screen or when using the Woolich Racing Log Box.

How does woolich launch control work?

1) Launch Delay is the time that the clutch must be continuously held in while in first gear and below 10kmh. This then puts the bike into “Launch Mode” 2) Launch RPM – The RPM is held at this RPM until the clutch is released.

Why is Woolwich called Woolwich?

It is generally believed that the name Woolwich derives from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “trading place for wool”.

Where is woolich racing from?

We are an Australian company and our products are used by an increasing number of tuning shops, dealers, racer and individual tuners internationally. Woolich Racing continues to develop and release a wide range of products and software for tuning motorcycles at an affordable price.

How does motorcycle launch control work?

Launch control is an electronic aid that controls the amount of torque applied to the rear wheel under hard acceleration from a standing start, preventing the rear wheel from spinning or the bike from wheeling. The bike ECU knows when you are in 1st gear and when you dump the clutch.

What happened to Woolwich?

In August 2000, Barclays took over Woolwich PLC in a £5.4bn acquisition. Woolwich PLC thus joined the Barclays Bank Group of companies. The Woolwich brand-name was retained after the acquisition, and the Woolwich head office remained in Bexleyheath, south-east London, 4.5 mi from the original office in Woolwich.

Is Woolwich good to live?

Part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Woolwich has truly arrived as a great place to live and work. Thanks to major property developments, crowned by the creation of the Royal Arsenal Riverside, this historic part of Southeast London has so much choice to offer renters and buyers.

Why is it called Woolwich Arsenal?

Arsenal. Most people know that the Gunners originally played in Woolwich, and that their modern name (and nickname) comes from the Royal Arsenal munitions complex, based at Woolwich since the 17th century. The Workers of Woolwich mural reflects the workforce who founded Arsenal.

Does Barclays own Woolwich?

Woolwich Building Society was re-branded to Woolwich in 1997. In August 2000, it was taken over by Barclays. As such, today, preexisting Woolwich mortgages are supplied Barclays.

What is Woolich racing tuned?

The FREE Woolich Racing Tuned software allows you to make changes to the Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps, RPM Limiters, Secondary Throttle Plate Maps as well as many other maps and settings in your Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycle.

What is the Woolich racing log box software?

The software works with one of our USB Interfaces, Woolich Racing Log Box or Woolich Racing Log Box Pro, and allows you to flash the changes to the ECU of your motorcycle. Some features of the software include: Various other features depending on bike model.

Is WRT Woolich racing tuned software a virus or Trojan?

Some Anti Virus / Security software falsely detects the WRT Woolich Racing Tuned software as a Trojan or Virus. We have contacted the major Security Companies and reported this issue.