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Why is it called Kybo?

Why is it called Kybo?

In the book, “kybo” is defined simply as an Iowa term for “port-a-john.” I recently learned that it’s an acronym for “keep your bowels open.” Here’s the full story, from the Des Moines Register: A local excavating and grading contractor, Steve Corell , came up with the name KYBO for portable toilets.

How do you spell Kaibo?

It is composed of two syllables: “Kai” and “Bo”.

What does Kybo mean?

An outside toilet
kybo (plural kybos) (slang, Scouting movement) An outside toilet; an outhouse.

What is a Biffy slang?

Definition of biffy slang. : toilet often : outhouse, privy.

Why is an outhouse called a Biffy?

No one’s entirely sure where “biffy” comes from, but it’s common in parts of Canada and the midwestern US states. Some think it’s a variation of “privy,” while others point to the word “bivouac” as its likely origin.

What does keep your bowels open mean?

It literally means to make sure you avoid getting constipated. rob74 on March 27, 2020 | prev | next [–] Might be “keep the bowels open”? A very medical greeting, so would be fitting here… gowld on March 27, 2020 | prev | next [–]

What is a bippy?

US slang. —used euphemistically for an unspecified part of the body; generally understood as equivalent to butt or ass Waiting for spring in Seattle is like waiting for the hot water to start in the shower: You know it’s gonna get here, but you could freeze your bippy off waiting.—

What is Wiffy?

having a strong or nasty smell.

Why is a toilet called a Jake?

In 16th century England, Jake was a common nickname for a yokel — a hick. In the days when there was no indoor plumbing as we enjoy today, “Jakes” or “Jake’s House” made for useful euphemisms for the latrine.

Why is the toilet called the John?

At one point in time these names began to be used for describing a small, smelly restroom area inside of a house. Only the very wealthy had jakes/jacks inside of their homes– most others were located somewhere outside. The name “John” was later derived from “Jake” and “Jack.”

How do bananas empty your bowels?

Choose yellow or browning bananas to stimulate bowel movements.

  1. For most people, a banana takes about 30 minutes to fully digest.
  2. Eat unripe, green bananas to help with diarrhea or loose stool.

What does sock mean in slang?

slang. : to subject to or as if to a vigorous assault they may let you off the first time … but the second time they’ll sock it to you— James Jones.

What does Waffy mean?

having a strong or nasty smell. Collins English Dictionary.

What does faffy mean?

awkward and time-consuming to do or
/ (ˈfæfɪ) / adjective. British informal awkward and time-consuming to do or use.

Why is a toilet called a loo?

The word comes from nautical terminology, loo being an old-fashioned word for lee. The standard methinks it comes from the nautical pronunciation (in British English) of leeward is looward. Early ships were not fitted with toilets but the crew would urinate over the side of the vessel.