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How do I run a BI Publisher report in PeopleSoft?

How do I run a BI Publisher report in PeopleSoft?

Run BI Publisher PeopleSoft Query reports. Run reports in Process Scheduler. Run reports using PeopleCode. Use Time zones in BI Publisher reports….Running Reports in Process Scheduler

  1. Use the Process Scheduler Request page.
  2. Create the run control page.
  3. Create a process definition.
  4. Monitor requests.

What is bursting in PeopleSoft?

With the advanced bursting feature, report generation results in separate output files when bursted reports are run through Process Scheduler.

What is XML Publisher in Peoplesoft?

XML Publisher is now also called “Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher” (BI Publisher). It is a template-based reporting tool that leverages standard technologies for data extraction and display.

How do you create a burst in BIP report?

Enable Bursting: The easy to explain part -> Click on the ‘Enable Bursting’ checkbox! Split By: Choose how you want to split/burst the data. Clicking on this drop-down you will be presented with an XPath representation of your XML data. Choose the data element that you want BIP to split the final output on.

How do I create an XML Publisher report in Peoplesoft?

Navigation : Reporting Tool > Query > Query Manager.

  1. Create Data Source:
  2. Generate XML and XSD files, and save the page.
  3. Go to Add-Ins > Insert > Table Wizard .
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Create Report Definition:
  6. Create Component, Page, Menu:
  7. Write PeopleCode to Component Record field Field Change event.

What is bursting in XML Publisher?

Oracle Bursting Mechanism enables us to deliver a single XML Publisher report/letter to multiple destinations simultaneously. One can create a single report/letter , then send it in any format (e.g., PDF or HTML) to multiple destinations(email ids). 2) Delivery SQL based:- Part of Enterprise release.

How do I make a header appear on every page in Excel?

Click the [Page Layout] tab > In the “Page Setup” group, click [Print Titles]. Under the [Sheet] tab, in the “Rows to repeat at top” field, click the spreadsheet icon. Click and select the row you wish to appear at the top of every page. Press the [Enter] key, then click [OK].

What is the significance of repeating a row on the top of paper when the header option is available?

Expert-verified answer There is many significance of repeating the row by header. You don’t have to put efforts to repeat a sentence again and again. The title of your row can be easily be repeated . This is handfull to perfectly aligned the title on the top in the same style.

What is XML Publisher in Oracle Apps?

Overview. XML Publisher, which is also called Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher), is a template-based reporting tool that leverages standard technologies for data extraction and display.

How do you create a bursting report?

To create a bursting report:

  1. Design a page report and then click Report > Bursting.
  2. Check the Enable Bursting Report option.
  3. Click the Add button next to the Schema Name box to add a bursting schema for the report.
  4. In the Mapping section, first specify the bursting key to split report data by.

What is split by and deliver by in bursting?

Here are the steps to achieve Report bursting in Fusion. Split by: Select the element from the data set by which to split the data. Deliver by: Select the element from the data set by which to format and deliverthe data. Delivery Query:SQL query that you define for BI Publisher to construct the delivery XML data file.

What is BI Publisher for PeopleSoft query?

PeopleTools is leveraging this technology with BI Publisher for PeopleSoft, which provides native BIP technology for PeopleSoft Query as well as any PeopleSoft application. BIP separates the data extraction process from the report layout.

What is the report data source for the BI Publisher report?

We are using an XML File as the report data source. This paper discusses using PeopleCode and other tools within the Application Designer to create and deliver BI Publisher reports within the PeopleSoft application. It assumes that the user is familiar with the fundamentals of creating a BI Publisher Report Definition:

What is an error message in PeopleCode BI Publisher?

Error messages indicate whether the problem is on the data extraction or the BI Publisher portion of the report request. This section provides an overview of PeopleCode BI Publisher classes and discusses how to: Run reports using PeopleCode. Choose a template. Pass parameters. Use time zones in BI Publisher reports. Burst reports.

How do I create a report name in BI Publisher?

Access the Definition page (Reporting Tools, BI Publisher, Report Definition, Definition.) Enter a report name. The report name must be unique, and it must not contain any special characters. If you enter spaces in the report name, the system replaces them with underscores.