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What is the formula for chromium IV sulfite?

What is the formula for chromium IV sulfite?

Chromium sulfide (Cr2S3) | Cr2S3 – PubChem.

What does chromium sulfate do?

Chromic Sulfate is a peach-colored, odorless powder. It is used in green paints, inks and textile dyes, ceramics, the tanning of leather, chrome plating, and the photographic industry.

What is the name of Cr so4 2?

chromous sulfate
Chromium(II) sulfate

IUPAC name Chromium(2+) sulfate
Other names chromous sulfate, chromous sulphate
CAS Number 13825-86-0 (anhydrous) 15928-77-5 (pentahydrate) 19512-13-1 (trihydrate)

Is chromium soluble with sulfate?

Additionally, ill-defined but commercially important “basic chromium sulfates” are known….Chromium(III) sulfate.

Melting point 90 °C
Boiling point >700 °C (decomposes to chromic acid)
Solubility in water insoluble (anhydrous) soluble (hydrated)
Solubility soluble in alcohol practically insoluble in acid

How do you write chromium VI sulfide?


  1. Chromium(VI) Sulfide.
  2. Formula: CrS3.
  3. Molar Mass: 148.1911.

What is the name of cr2 SO4 3?

Chromium sulfate
Chromium sulfate | Cr2(SO4)3 – PubChem.

Is chromium sulphate soluble in water?

All Answers (3) The anhydrous salt of chromic sulfate is insoluble in water and acids but dissolves to form complexes when reducing agents are added; the hydrated salts are soluble in water; the pentadecahydrate is insoluble in alcohol, but the octadecahydrate dissolves in alcohol.

What color is chromium sulfate?

to violet
Chromic sulfate is a dark green to violet crystalline material. Used in paints and inks, ceramics, and in textile dyeing. It is noncombustible.

How do you write chromium sulfate?

Chromium sulfate | Cr2(SO4)3 – PubChem.

What is the formula for Chromous?


PubChem CID 62762
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula Cr+2
Synonyms chromium(2+) Chromous ion Chromium (2+) ion 22541-79-3 Chromium (II) More…
Molecular Weight 51.996

Is cr2 so4 3 soluble?

Insoluble in water but dissolves to form complexes when reducing agents are added.

What is the name of CrS3?

Answer and Explanation: The name of the compound CrS3 C r S 3 is Chromium (VI) sulfide.

What is the name of CrI3?

Chromium iodide
Chromium iodide (CrI3)

What is the formula for chromium III sulfite?

Cr2S3Chromium(III) sulfide / Formula

Is Cr2 SO4 3 soluble?

It is insoluable in water. Its melting point is 90 ̊C (194 ̊F), density 3.1 g/cm3. Cr2(SO4)3 can be used for leather tanning. Its hydrate form Cr2(SO4)3.8H2O is soluble in water.

Why is chromium so colorful?

At room temperature, Chromium metal does not react with water or air. It will react with the halogens fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine to form colorful compounds.

What is the name of Cr SO4 3?

Chromium sulfate

PubChem CID 24930
Synonyms Chromium sulfate CHROMIC SULFATE Chromium(III) sulfate Chromium sulphate 10101-53-8 More…
Molecular Weight 392.2
Component Compounds CID 1118 (Sulfuric acid) CID 23976 (Chromium)
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What is the name for Cr2 SO4 3?