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What lane should I play Sion?

What lane should I play Sion?

What Lane Is Sion? The best lane success this pick has is within the Top Lane position. Can also be played as a Support.

Is Sion good mid?

Strengths of Sion mid Throughout 2018, Sion has a 66.7% win rate against Azir Mid and a 57.1% win rate against Ryze Mid. Considering these are two of the strongest picks in the Mid Lane at the moment, the fact that Sion has a positive win rate against both of these champions is definitely notable.

Is Sion an ad?

To summarize things up, Sion is primarily an AD champion that often builds tank. However, Sion can also be played with a full lethality build and a full AP build.

How do you win Sion Lane?

As Sion, you will want to be really aggressive. You want to win your lane hard, and then you want to roam. TP allows you to have the early item advantage, and later allows you to control the map. You can TP gank to minions, TP back to your tower, splitpush.

How does Sion scale?

Sion very durable with both components, as he can gain quite a bit of health from the passive and a large shield that scales off his max health to compliment it. Though the shield may not persist for very long in early teamfights, it is still a powerful damage tool due to its AoE % max health damage.

Who counters Sion mid?

The Best Sion Counter Picks in League of Legends for patch 12.10, Ranked Boost recommends these picks due to their win condition and abilities.

  • Vladimir. The Crimson Reaper.
  • C. Tryndamere. The Barbarian King.
  • C. The Fist of Shadow.

Who is Sion best against?

Sion Counter Pick

Champion Win Rate Play Rate
C TryndamereBarbarian King 48.07% 2.04%
C AkaliFist of Shadow 48.25% 4.71%
E TrundleTroll King 49.53% 1.53%
S DariusHand of Noxus 50.27% 4.06%

Who beats Sion in lane?

The strongest counter would be Riven, a moderately diffcult to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 50.17% (Average) and Play Rate of 3.36% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Sion, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.