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Which alkaline earth metal carbonate is most stable?

Which alkaline earth metal carbonate is most stable?

Barium carbonate is thermally the most stable. On moving down the group, the electropositive character of alkaline earth metals increases. Due to this, their thermal stability also increases.

What is the order of thermal stability of carbonates of alkaline earth metals?


Which carbonate of alkaline earth metal is least stable?

Which is the least stable alkali metal carbonate? Explain why lithium carbonate is the least stable among alkali metal carbonates.

Which order of stability of carbonate is correct?

Hence, thermal stability order : MgCO3.

Which one is the most stable carbonate BaCO3 MgCO3 CaCO3 BeCO3?

The thermal stability of carbonate increases down the group and decreases as we move from left to right in a period. So, the correct order is: BeCO3.

Which carbonate is the most stable?

Among, the given metal carbonates, caesium carbonate is most stable. On moving down the group of alkali metals, the electropositive character increases. This increases the thermal stability of metal carbonates.

Which is more stable K2CO3 or CaCO3?

So, the correct order of increased thermal stability is: BeCO3.

Which of the following is the correct order of stability of alkaline?

Therefore, the order of stability is : KO2.

Which carbonate is more stable?

Why does the stability of alkaline earth metal carbonates decrease down the group?

The solubility of the carbonates and the sulfates decreases rapidly down the group because hydration energies decrease with increasing cation size. The solubility of alkaline earth carbonate and sulfates decrease down the group because the hydration energies decrease.

Which is more thermally stable k2co3 or CaCO3?

The s-Block Elements. The correct order of increasing thermal stability of K2CO3, MgCO3, CaCO3 and BeCO3 is: BeCO3 < MgCO3 < K2CO3 . BeCO3 < MgCO3 < CaCO3

Which is more stable MgCO3 or CaCO3?

MgCO3 is thermally more stable than CaCO3 .

Which of the following is most stable a BeCO3 B MgCO3 C SrCO3 D CaCO3?

Thus, correct order of the thermal-stability is BaCO3>CaCO3>MgCO3.

Which is more stable Na2CO3 and CaCO3?

Since sodium is smaller in size than calcium and two sodium ions are bonded to carbonate group, sodium carbonate is more polarised than calcium carbonate. So, lesser heat is required to break sodium carbonate than calcium carbonate. Thus, calcium carbonate is more stable than sodium carbonate. Hope it helps.

Which is more stable K2CO3 or Na2CO3?

As the electropositivity increases down the group the stability is in order of :Cs2CO3 >Rb2CO3 > K2CO3 > Na2CO3 > Li2CO3Lithium carbonate decomposes on heating.

Which is the correct order of stability?

The correct order of stability is, thus, `H_2gtH_2^(+)gtHe_2^(+)gtHe_2` Moreover, `H_2^(+)` is somewhat more stable than `He_2^(+)` since there is only one electron in the hydrogen molecule ion and, therefore, it has no electron-electron repulsion.

Which hydride is most stable NaH KH CsH LiH?

Thus, \[LiH\]is the most stable hydride among\[LiH\],\[NaH\],\[CsH\]and\[KH\]. Thus the correct answer to the given question is option (1). Note: On the basis of size, \[LiH\] is the most stable hydride. Hydrides are used as reducing agents in many chemical industries and are also used as drying agents.

Which is more stable CaCO3 or MgCO3?

Which of the carbonate is least stable?

Correct answer is (e) Li2CO3

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Why does the stability of carbonates increase down group 1?

As the positive ions get larger down the group, they affect on the carbonate ions near them less. More heat must be supplied for the carbon dioxide to leave the metal oxide. In other words, the carbonates become more thermally stable down the group.