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Can you use lead core line with planer boards?

Can you use lead core line with planer boards?

If you use leadcore on a planer board, DO NOT put leadcore line in the clip. It will break inside core and eventually will break right off.

How deep can you fish with planer boards?

With a planer board, you will usually want to fish in depths between 30 feet and less.

Is braided line good for trolling?

Braid is great for trolling but since it has very little stretch we recommend using a wind-on-leader or mono tophsot. We recommend using 30-130Lb braid as backing for trolling reels. Make sure any reel you spool on your trolling reels is spooled on tight!

How much backing do you need for lead core line?

The most practical way to rig and fish lead core is to first spoon on about 200 yards of backing line. The backing line can be either monofilament or super braid. Because I rig my planer boards for fishing with monofilament, I select 20 pound test monofilament as my backing line.

How deep can you fish with lead core line?

The slower the speed, the deeper the lines will run. At normal walleye trolling speeds, you can figure about 6 feet of depth for each color. With segmented lines, let out more mono backing to run deeper. Four colors of segmented line will easily run 30 feet deep or more.

How do you make planer boards pull harder?

One trick is to loosen the nuts on the back rod and move the middle and outer board in about 3/4 inch. This gives the board more bite and often helps them pull harder. You can move the eye – back – in 1 inch increments – to get them to pull harder.

Should I troll with braid or mono?

Mono holds knots better and costs less than braid. It also works better on smaller bait-casting reels because light braid can dig into itself. Florida sailfish and dolphin anglers still use a lot of mono on the troll, and some use it for kite lines because it runs through the clips better.

Do you need backing for lead core line?

How far down does lead core line go?

Standard leadcore dives on average 5-feet per color, with the Advanced leadcore diving to 7-feet per color.

Do you need a special rod for lead core line?

If you’re going to fish with 10 colors of lead-core line or more you need a reel with a line capacity of between 350 and 475 yards. Rods for lead-core line are a matter of personal preference. There is no perfect lead-core rod, but longer, diver-type rods provide an advantage.

Can you use snap weights on lead core line?

I run snap weights on core quite often. Especially if I am getting bit on 15 colors. Since I only have 2 rods set up with 15 color, I just add weight to a couple 10’s or 12.5’s. I was running 2.5 lead core for shallow biters but now I just run the snap weights there too.