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What does ready-to-assemble cabinets mean?

What does ready-to-assemble cabinets mean?

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets offer homeowners an option to save money on kitchen remodeling—though this option comes with a time and labor cost. Rather than ready-to-hang cabinets, these cabinets are delivered in parts in a flat pack, along with all the hardware needed for assembly.

Are ready-to-assemble cabinets cheaper?

Cost-Efficient: RTA cabinets come in a variety of options, but since you do the assembly, the cost is lower than traditional cabinets.

Are IKEA cabinets pre-drilled?

Ikea’s cabinet fronts come pre-drilled for the hinge, and it’s a toolless installation on the door itself. Set the big round side in the big round hole and press down the hinging clamp to lock it in place.

Do IKEA cabinets come pre-drilled?

IKEA cabinet doors come in various sizes so it is not hard to find items to fit your old cabinets. However, since IKEA cabinet doors have the pre-drilled holes for hinges, you might have to do adjustments on areas where they attach to the cabinet.

Are cabinets to go solid wood?

When you buy a kitchen from Cabinets To Go, you know you are getting a product that will last a lifetime. Our cabinets come ready to assemble and are built of a solid birch hardwood frame with a ¾” birch center and ½”, 7-ply sides covered in a wood veneer for rigidity and moisture resistance.

Are Chinese cabinets good quality?

Today, the popularity of kitchen cabinets manufactured in China is on the rise, thanks to their low cost and the ease of online ordering. But while they cost less, they are also of much lower quality than American-built cabinets. This lower quality has big implications for your kitchen in both the short- and long-term.

Are Chinese cabinets toxic?

American products are held to a higher standard reducing the formaldehyde exposure in many building materials. Regardless of how you feel about our own EPA, China is known for it’s lack of air quality and low product standards. Cabinets from China would definitely not be considered “green” and possibly dangerous.