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What is a Vejiga?

What is a Vejiga?

vejiga Noun. vejiga, la ~ (f) bladder, the ~ Noun.

How do you say pee in Spanish slang?

pee → pis, pipí, pichí, pe.

Is bladder a real word?

The urinary bladder, or simply bladder, is a hollow organ in humans and other vertebrates that stores urine from the kidneys before disposal by urination. In humans the bladder is a distensible organ that sits on the pelvic floor….

Urinary bladder
TA2 3401
FMA 15900
Anatomical terminology

How do you say Bejiga in English?

Your bladder is the part of your body where urine is held until it leaves your body. a full bladder.

How do Mexicans say pee?

hacer pis
hacer pis in Spanish is “PEE”.

How do you say poop in Spanish slang?

“La mierda” (la mee-ER-da): This is the Spanish version of a four-letter English word for poop (one that starts with “s”). Although it literally refers to poop, you’ll hear this word commonly used as an expletive that isn’t always directly tied to its literal meaning, just like its English equivalent.

What is another word for bladder?

What is another word for bladder?

vesica urocyst
urocystis gall bladder
urinary bladder cystis urinaria
vesica urinaria

What is a spine in Spanish?

[spaɪn ] Anatomy) (= backbone) columna f (vertebral) ⧫ espina f dorsal.

Do you need to pee Spanish?

Do you need to pee | Spanish Translator. ¿Necesita orinar?

How do you say pee in Navajo?

Lizh is the part of the word that forms the root for the verbs “to urinate.” Attached to that word is the nominalizer (-igii, -í, -ii; makes a thing out of an action), or lizh_ii_. The first part of the word for dog, łéé-, is though of as identifying a pet animal.