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What is the highest pass in CO?

What is the highest pass in CO?

Mount Evans Scenic Byway – 14,130 ft (Asphalt) Clear Creek Co. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in Colorado, the United States, and the entire of North America. It stretches for 28 miles and reaches a dizzying height of 14,130 ft.

What is the highest pass on the Continental Divide?

Now newly paved all the way through, Cottonwood Pass is even more accessible to travelers. Located in south-central Colorado, near Buena Vista, Cottonwood Pass reaches as high as 12,119, and at its saddle, it meets with Continental Divide. It is the highest paved crossing of the divide.

Can you drive an RV over Independence Pass?

Absolutely no vehicles over 35 feet in length (this includes a vehicle and trailer that, together, exceed 35 feet) may use the Pass at any time.

Is Independence Pass scary to drive?

was one of the most scenic drives we have ever done. It is very scary drivng 12000 feet high on a one lane road nio guard rails in certain spots and going very slow 15 to 25 mph depending on the truns in the road.

What is the steepest grade highway in America?

Texas Farm to Market Road (Route 170)

Is Independence pass paved?

Part of State Highway 82, it is the highest paved state highway over the Continental Divide in Colorado. Though it is a paved road, it can be narrow and winding and therefore difficult to traverse in poor weather. It also has steep dropoffs in places along the route.

Where is the Independence Pass located in Colorado?

Independence Pass. Colorado. Independence Pass, originally known as Hunter Pass, is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States. It is at elevation 12,095 ft (3,687 m) on the Continental Divide in the Sawatch Range.

How big is the Independence Pass?

See the sun rise and set over 12,095-foot Independence Pass. A trip over the pass is a visual feast with vistas of wildflowers, thick forests and ample wildlife.

Is it safe to drive to Independence Pass?

The road along the sheer face of the mountain, while steep, is one of the safest traversing a pass in Colorado. A stone monument and several small lakes mark the summit of Independence Pass, the highest and probably the most impressive automobile pass in the state.

What is the Independence Pass Foundation?

The Independence Pass Foundation, based in Aspen, works to repair damage to the pass’s environment caused by both roads since 1984. At the pass, the main ridge of the Sawatch Range, and thus the Continental Divide, turns from running generally south to more southwesterly.