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Are Nagaoka cartridges any good?

Are Nagaoka cartridges any good?

For its price, Nagaoka MP-200 does not have a lot of competitors and it’s certainly an excellent upgrade for many turntable sets. It’s serious, cultured, and neutral sound precipitates and the sound of your turntable can go into serious heights that rarely any CD player can compete with.

Are Nagaoka styli interchangeable?

Nagaoka makes their cartridge bodies to interchange with each of their styli. There are some recommendations on line on Steve Hoffman forums. Personally, I wouldn’t over improve the MP110 to JPN 500 to get a shibata needle, but to get a single needle and a boron cantilever in a heartbeat.

How long does a Nagaoka MP 110 last?

I’m am very interesting in purchasing a Nagaoka MP 110 due to its glowing reviews. Now the manufacturer information states that it’s has a lifespan of 150-200 hours which seems very low and no one (that I can find online) is really discussing it.

How often should I change the stylus on my turntable?

When does a turntable stylus need to be replaced? Most manufacturers recommend changing your stylus at around 1000 hours of record playing time. So if you’re using your turntable for an hour or so per day on average, ideally you should be changing the stylus every couple of years.

Do I have a MM or MC cartridge?

The most common thing to watch out for is the presence of a replaceable stylus. If the turntable has a replaceable stylus, you can replace the needle. Then it is most likely an MM cartridge. But if it has a fixed stylus, it’s an MC cartridge.

Is the Nagaoka mp-200 a good cartridge?

The Nagaoka MP-200, with its relatively high-price for an MM cartridge, would seem to be a limiting factor. However, the technical data suggests that we should leave these prejudices aside. Compared to the MP-150 the tested cartridge has seemingly very similar parameters but with a very important difference.

What kind of power amp does Nagaoka use?

The above and below images show part of the setup. Also used is a CH Precision A1.5 poweramp and Magico S1 MkII loudspeakers. All Nagaoka cartridges are of the MM type, using what they refer to as a Moving Permalloy type.

What is the difference between the mp-150 and mp-200 & mp-300?

Above the MP-150, the MP-200 adds a Boron cantilever, the MP-300 adds a super-rigid body, and the MP-500, finally, adds a Superfine Line Contact diamond stylus. The above and below images show part of the setup. Also used is a CH Precision A1.5 poweramp and Magico S1 MkII loudspeakers.

What is the Nagaoka mp-300 cantilever made of?

The cantilever is made of boron which is a “high end” pedigree that Nagaoka uses in MP-300 and MP-500. Boron is a very rare element in nature and it is not easy to get, so many manufacturers have abandoned the use of boron. Despite this, its hardness and strength are desirable characteristics for making a needle holder on a turntable cartridge.