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Is Total Drama Island still on TV?

Is Total Drama Island still on TV?

On February 17, 2021, it was announced that Total Drama has been renewed for two seasons to be aired on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

Why did Total Drama Island get canceled?

season 1, and it has little to no continuity. It’s just comedy now. According to an interview with Jennifer Pertsch, it was CN who wanted to bring Total Drama back, and they asked Fresh TV to age the show down to appeal to a completely new demographic.

Is Total Drama coming back in 2021?

First announced in February 2021, the revival has no definitive release date as of now. We know that it will air on Cartoon Network, just as the original series did, and stream on HBO Max. The international distribution of the series will be handled by CAKE.

Who voiced Chris McLean?

Christian PotenzaChris McLean / Voiced by

Why is Total Drama Island censored on Netflix?

Total Drama Island is a Canadian TV show. When it was brought over to the United States some crude language, and nudity was censored in order to be more family friendly and accessible for younger children.

Why is total DramaRama hated?

Total DramaRama received mostly negative reviews from Total Drama fans because they considered this series pointless and wanted a sixth season of the main show instead. On the other hand, though, this show does have a number of people who like it. Currently, it has a 3.9/10 on IMDb and a 2.6/5 on Common Sense Media.

Is Total Drama a PG?

Total Drama Not rated appropriately on Netflix! It is rated pg and has blurred out naked parts, talks about boobies and swears….how is that pg???

Why was Total Drama so inappropriate?

It has nudity, swearing, groin and breast jokes, quite a bit of violence, etc. The first episode alone has numerous inappropitate for children dialogue that I don’t see how it would fly on a kids show such as Heather telling Duncan to “get bent” or DJ saying “Oh crap!” at the end of the episode.