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Whats the difference between FB and EK Holden?

Whats the difference between FB and EK Holden?

The EK’s red plastic grille badge is a giveaway, as are the over-riders: on an FB they sit on top of the bumper, while on an EK they extend to the bottom. The grille design is also different, with the EK’s indicator/parkers spaced more widely apart and built into the upper grille bar .

What motor was in the FB Holden?

All FB models were powered by a 132-cubic-inch (2.16 L) inline six-cylinder engine, the last to have the 3-inch (76 mm) bore size, producing 75 brake horsepower (56 kW).

What year is FB Holden?

The FB Holden 1960–61 Due to the popularity of Chevrolet-styled cars with the Australian public, Holden decided to continue with the same design for their new FB series.

How much is an FB Holden?

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*Private Price Guide $13,900 – $18,600
*Trade In Price Guide $9,800 – $14,500
*Price When New $2,526* Price Guide (EGC)

What is a Holden EK worth?

$15,800 – $20,900. Private price guide. Special RWD. 138, Petrol, 3 SP, Automatic. $16,600 – $21,800.

How much was an FJ Holden New?

Its typical new price of $2046 was equivalent to 64 weeks’ wages in 1953; 50 years later, a $31,000 Commodore equated to 35 weeks’ wages. Yet, the FJ sold like hotcakes, with 169,969 being built (around 50,000 more than the 48-215) in only half the time.

What is the difference between an Fe and an FC Holden?

Holden FC. The FC appeared in May 1958 and was essentially a facelift of the FE. The FC featured a lot more chrome and the option of a bolder two-tone paint design. The engine received a revised camshaft profile and a slight increase in compression ratio.

What are FJ Holdens worth?

Fully restored FJs like Allen Bridges’ beauty would be worth up to $15,000 on the collector car market, but most are worth much less than that. A sound driving roadworthy car could be bought for between $5000 and $10,000. Cars needing attention are readily available for less than $5000.

What years were Fe to FC Holdens built?

The July 1956 launch of the FE Holden was a huge national achievement. After the first Holden marked a coming of age for Australian industry, it was still a recycled early 1940s US design.

How long is an FC Holden?

Total Length: 176.7 inches (4488mm) Total width: 66.9 inches (1699mm) Height at kerb weight: 61.0 inches (1549mm) Wheelbase: 105.0 inches (2667mm)

Are Holdens worth more now?

If the model in question comes from Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), prices have also soared over the past 12 months, with the median price climbing 30.7 per cent to $68,000 in January 2021 compared to the corresponding month last year.

What kind of car is a Holden FB?

The Holden FB is an automobile that was produced by Holden in Australia from 1960 to 1961. Introduced on 14 January 1960, the FB series replaced the Holden FC range.

When did the Holden FB range start?

Introduced on 14 January 1960, the FB series replaced the Holden FC range. The FB range consisted of four-door sedans in two trim levels, five-door station wagons in two trim levels, a two-door coupe utility and a two-door panel van.

How many FBS did Holden make in 1961?

Holden made 174,747 FBs and 150,214 EKs, with a market share of 49.6 per cent in 1961, despite the release of the XK Falcon in 1960. The Falcon was initially a great hit, trumping the FB with more modern styling and the option of automatic transmission.

What happened to the Holden FB?

The FB was replaced in May 1961 by the EK, which ran for just one year. Styling changes were subtle; the big news was the introduction of the imported three-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission. Big news — but the net effect was to produce the slowest Holden yet built.