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Where is Pilot G2 made?

Where is Pilot G2 made?

Pilot Pens is a Japanese company and the majority of their pens are still made in Japan including the Pilot G2.

Is Pilot a Japanese brand?

Pilot Corporation (株式会社パイロットコーポレーション, Kabushiki Gaisha Pairotto Kōporēshon, TYO: 7846) is a Japanese pen manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan. It produces writing instruments, stationery and jewelry, but is best known for its pens.

Why is the Pilot G2 so popular?

The Pilot – G2 is a favorite of pen novices and obsessives alike. Its smooth gel ink flow makes your writing look more clean and elegant. Plus, the ink dries quickly. The G2 is retractable, meaning you can carry it around in your pocket without being jabbed.

What country are Pilot pens from?

From Beginnings aboard Ship to Creation of Gold Fountain Pen Nibs Made Entirely in Japan Against a backdrop of ruthless competition as Japanese manufacturers attempted to create a fountain pen, it was the two founders of what is now the PILOT Corporation, who overcame the numerous technological difficulties that stood …

Is Pilot G2 archival?

G2 is archival quality, acid free, water resistant, costs a dollar at just about any grocery store, drug store, or stationary store, and fits inside of my favorite Waterman Expert rollerball pen as well as Rotring, Sheaffer, and other fancy pens.

Why Pilot Pen is called Pilot?

After forming a partnership with one of his colleagues, Masao WADA, he created the NAMIKI MANUFACTURING COMPANY and started producing fountain pens. As a tribute to their other shared passion, the sea, the pair used the brand name PILOT, referring to the fleet’s flagship.

Is Pilot G2 water-resistant?

The G-2 pens are great gel ink pens that are retractable and are filled with Dynamic Gel Ink Formula. The ink is water-resistant, smear-proof, acid-free, and archival safe.

What is the price of Pilot pen?

Top Selling Pilot Pens Price List in India

Latest Models Price Discount
Pilot Assorted V Sign Pen, 116/836 S ₹75 6% off
Pilot Hi Tecpoint V5 0.5mm Pen, 811/811 S ₹56 6% off
Pilot Hi Tecpoint V7 Cartridge Pen, 842 ₹47 6% off
Pilot Frixion Roller Ball Pen, 167 ₹93 7% off

Which Pilot is best pen?

Pilot Precise V5 RT The Pilot Precise V5 RT is our top choice. This retractable pen delivers smooth, skip-free writing, laser-accurate lines, and a variety of vibrant colors.

What type of ink is Pilot G2?


Product Type Gel Pen
Product Type Rollerball Pen
Point Type Fine
Point Style Point
Ink Color Black

Why is Pilot Pen so good?

Both the pen are of very good quality. Writes smoothly. There is a cartridge inside each pen and there are extra 2blue and 2 black cartridge. We got it on 8/nov and it still has extra cartridge for each color despite of everyday writing.