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Where was Gwen Stefani Cool video filmed?

Where was Gwen Stefani Cool video filmed?

northern Italy
Both “Cool” (directed by music video goddess Sophie Muller) and CMBYN were literally filmed “somewhere in northern Italy” — specifically, in the region of Lombardy.

Is cool about Gavin Rossdale?

Songfacts®: Stefani found the “love of her life,” Gavin Rossdale, whom she married in 2002, so she and Kanal were “cool” as friends. He later married the actress Erin Lokitz; Stefani and Rossdale divorced in 2015. >>

Who is the man in the cool video?

Daniel González
Gwen told one interviewer that the song “[put] an end to a chapter in a really nice way,” but the video she had Sophie Muller make for it in 2005 substantially complicates that claim. “Cool” opens on a man (Daniel González) and woman (Erin Lokitz) approaching a massive Lake Como mansion.

Who is the guy in Gwen Stefani’s cool music video?

Music video The video follows the song’s theme and depicts the relationship that Stefani has with a former boyfriend, who is played by Spanish actor Daniel González. González and his new girlfriend–played by Tony Kanal’s girlfriend, Erin Lokitz–are shown walking up to a villa where Stefani answers the door.

How did Gwen Stefani find out about Gavin Rossdale cheating?

Us Weekly reported that the time Rossdale’s affair with Mann had gone on for three years, and claimed Stefani found out about the relationship when she discovered texts between the pair and pictures on the family’s iPad. A source told the publication: “The iPad was linked to Gavin’s phone.

Who plays the man in Taylor Swift’s music video?

actor Dwayne Johnson
American actor Dwayne Johnson voices Swift’s male alter-ego in the music video.

Where was the video cool shot?

Lake Como, Italy
The accompanying music video for “Cool” was directed by Sophie Muller and filmed in Lake Como, Italy. The video features many flashbacks to when Stefani and her former boyfriend were dating.

Did Courtney Love sleep with Gavin Rossdale?

Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.” When Stern asked if she was sleeping with Rossdale when he was dating Stefani, Love confirmed the claim, saying, “Yes … she does know.” “Everyone yeah and a few other people,” Love continued.

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