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Can the FX 8350 be overclocked?

Can the FX 8350 be overclocked?

The AMD FX 8350 is an older yet powerful CPU with 8 cores/threads and a base clock speed of 4GHz right out of the box. According to AMD, you can overclock the FX 8350 CPU up to 4.2 GHz even without any problem using an air cooler. But with the help of liquid cooling, you can push it even further around 4.8 GHz.

What is the max temp for AMD FX 8350?

The max temp for the FX-8350 is 60c to the individual cores. Beyond that has the chance to permanently damage the processor.

Is enabling PBO safe?

Precision Boost Overdrive is AMD safe way of automatically Overclocking the processor. It won’t go past its limits of safety range so the processor will never get damaged.

Is Radeon overclocking safe?

Is AMD automatic overclock safe? Yes. It’s usually also very pedestrian as far as overclocks go, but it will depend on your motherboard too.

What is the max temp for AMD FX-8350?

Is the AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer good for overclocking?

Overclocking FX-8150 (On Air) During its press briefing in Austin, AMD’s architects suggested that Bulldozer was designed to hold IPC steady and facilitate significantly higher clock rates. Regardless of the IPC story, we’re still expecting solid overclocking headroom.

What is the frequency of the AMD FX-8150?

The FX-8150’s base frequency is 3.6 GHz. Its intermediate Turbo Core setting (the clock at which all eight cores can operate simultaneously) is 3.9 GHz. With at least four cores (two modules) idle, Turbo Core is able to push up to 4.2 GHz. Now, using 1.4125 V, I was able to achieve stability at 4.5 GHz on all cores.

What is the best overclocking utility for gaming?

Using a windows based overclocking utility makes the whole overclocking process so much simpler and saves time if you are in a hurry to play with your new toys. You can also use ROG Connect if you have a spare rig, or a Bluetooth device such as a smart phone or tablet. Personally I really like the ROG Connect utility and can recommend it to anyone.

How good is the AMD Crosshair V formula for overclocking?

AMD FX CPUs overclock well if you know the right settings, and the CrossHair V Formula motherboard is ROG’s 5th Gen AMD hardware, so the team behind it has plenty of experience under their belts. As supplementary reading, we strongly recommend you reading a very good article titled the CrossHair V Formula Oveclocking BIOS Guide , written by Raja.