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Is Diesel Brothers still on TV 2021?

Is Diesel Brothers still on TV 2021?

Heavy D also revealed where fans can stream old episodes. The Diesel Brothers are back. After seven seasons filled with monster truck builds and crazy stunts, Heavy D and Diesel Dave are officially returning for more.

What time is Diesel Brothers on tonight?

Heavy D, Diesel Dave, The Muscle, and Redbeard are back for an all new season of DIESEL BROTHERS premiering Monday, April 8 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

What channel is the Diesel Brothers on?

Discovery ChannelDiesel Brothers / NetworkDiscovery Channel is an American cable channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, a publicly traded company run by CEO David Zaslav. Wikipedia

Will there be a season 7 of Diesel Brothers?

Season 7 of Diesel Brothers then kicks off June 22, featuring “more mega builds, epic stunts, and iconic pranks” from Heavy D, Diesel Dave and The Muscle as they put their skills to the test.

What happened to Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel?

In March 2020, the case got wrapped up. The result concluded with three members of the Diesel Brothers crew (David Sparks, Keaton Hoskins, and Joshua Stuart) getting fined $850,000. Judge Robert Shelby stated that the company had violated the Clean Air Act and defied the injunction set in place in 2018.

Why did they cancel Diesel Brothers?

In 2018, a Utah emission inspector testified that the Diesel Brothers truck had been illegally modified. The result was the judge issuing an injunction, which prohibited the shop from making the same modifications on future truck builds. In March 2020, the case got wrapped up.

What season is Diesel Brothers on?

Season 6 (2019)

Why did Diesel Brothers get Cancelled?

Was Heavy D in the military?

Diesel Dave and I both come from very heavy military backgrounds. Diesel Dave tried to join the military, but he tried to do it a little bit later on in life and he had some health issues. The military looked at him and said, ‘What you’re trying to do, join the air force, isn’t a great fit.

How much did Diesel Brothers get sued for?

He blasted the group for initially seeking $118 million in case involving only 19 trucks and about 100 parts.