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What is finesse in UCCX?

What is finesse in UCCX?

Cisco Finesse is a software application that offers features for Cisco contact center agents and supervisors in UCCE, PCCE and UCCX on the browser. It provides a web interface for agents and supervisors to login, change their state and receive calls.

What does Reason 33 mean in Cisco Finesse?

33. The system issues this reason code when the. agent is forcibly logged out when there is a. connection failure between the Cisco Finesse. Desktop and the Cisco Finesse Server.

How do I get to finesse?


  1. Open IP communicator application.
  2. Using FireFox or Chrome browser, navigate to Finesse Desktop.
  3. In the ID field enter your StarID.
  4. In the Password field enter your StarID password.
  5. In the Extension field enter the 10 digit extension number displayed on your IP phone.
  6. Click ‚ÄúSign in”

How do I get MIVR logs in UCCX?

MIVR – Cisco Unified CCX Engine Traces termed as MIVR….How to Collect MIVR Traces using RTMT Tool?

  1. In RTMT tool, on the Left side pane, expand Tools & click on ” Trace & Log Central “.
  2. On the Right side pane, double click on “Collect Files ” & select ” Cisco Unified CCX Engine ” service.

How do you get finesse agent logs?

Go to https:///desktop/locallog And attempt login. Once issue is reproduced, open another tab and browse to the above URL. We should ideally see client side logs being written there.

What does Cisco UCCX stand for?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is a “contact center in a box” that provides a secure and easy to deploy customer interaction management solution for up to 400 agents.

What does Ucce stand for?


Acronym Definition
UCCE University of California Cooperative Extension
UCCE Unified Contact Center Enterprise
UCCE Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco)
UCCE University Consortium for Catholic Education

What is a UCCX?

What is the URL for Cisco Finesse?

In the web browser address bar, type or use the shortcut on your desktop to access Finesse. The Login screen shown below appears. Enter your username (NetID), NetID password, and the ACD extension; click OK. The username is case sensitive.

How do I get finesse client logs?

To access the individual log file, use the command file get activelog webproxy/. Use this command to obtain logs that are generated by the platform service manager that manages the starting and stopping of the Finesse services. The desktop and servm logs are compressed to one set of files.

Why does Cisco Finesse keep disconnecting?

First of all, we have to check the Layer 1. Make sure the phone is not losing connection due a cabling faulty. If you are using Jabber, make sure you network connection is stable, and if it’s VPN, your internet is stable. Voice traffic is really sensitive, so any minimum interruption can cause a disconnection.

What are UCCX scripts?

Unified CCX provides an ability for developers to program the business logic of how to handle a Voice Call or an Http Contact (Web Action performed by a user) by the engine. The scripting involves building the business workflow using a proprietary domain specific programming tool, the Unified CCX Editor.

What does IPCC mean in Cisco?

IP Contact Center
Cisco also offers another contact center product called UCCX, which stands for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. IPCC is a general term used to refer to IP Contact Center. Hope this helps. –

What are the different types of uccx reason codes available?

Cisco UCCX offers two types of reason codes for agents in ‘Not Ready’ state; System reason codes and agent-selected reason codes. Agent-selected reason codes are created in Cisco Finesse and manually selected by the UCCX agents when they decide to go to Not Ready state.

Can I use finesse’s reason codes in unified CCE?

… The Reasons tab on the Cisco Finesse administration console allows you to view, add, edit, and delete Not Ready reason codes, Sign Out reason codes, and Wrap-Up reasons. The reason codes you configure in Finesse are not automatically populated in Unified CCE.

What is the system reason code for Cisco finesse?

For example when an agent logs into Cisco Finesse, she is set to Not Ready state by default and the reason code ID is 0: New Login. If Supervisor changes agent’s state to Ready or Not Ready, that is 33: Supervisor-Assisted. However, majority of the system reason code IDs are between 32740-32769.

What is the uccx system reason code for supervisor assisted?

If Supervisor changes agent’s state to Ready or Not Ready, that is 33: Supervisor-Assisted. However, majority of the system reason code IDs are between 32740-32769. This can help you to identify them on the Cisco CUIC reports. Here is the list of Cisco UCCX System Reason Codes and their brief descriptions;