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What is SIRIM certification in Malaysia?

What is SIRIM certification in Malaysia?

The SIRIM certification is required for market approval in Malaysia. Market approval for radio technology products in Malaysia is issued by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

Is SIRIM Berhad is an agency under Department of standards Malaysia?

SIRIM Berhad, formerly known as the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), is a corporate organisation owned wholly by the Malaysian Government, under the Minister of Finance Incorporated….SIRIM.

Parent Minister of Finance Incorporated

How do I check SIRIM approval?

The verification can be done online at or by using Check Your Label mobile application which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Is SIRIM under government?

SIRIM is a premier industrial research and technology organisation in Malaysia, a wholly-owned company of the Malaysian Government under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

How do I apply a SIRIM certificate?

Procedure to apply Certificate of approval:

  1. Get username/password from dagangnet (COA have to apply using epermit online system) Visit
  2. Fill in all needed information with attached Bill of lading, packing list, mill certificate (English words) and invoice.
  3. SIRIM will issue quotation.

Why is SIRIM important?

It functions as the National Standards Body and the National Accreditation Body in efforts to ensure that Malaysian products and services can meet both the nation as well as world standards.

What is SIRIM certified?

In short, SIRIM Certification is being used to recognize the safety authentication for electric and electronic products. Whenever any customer that see this “SIRIM” sign, it means by the electric and electronic product are safe to use.

How do I get a permit from SIRIM?

: For Communication and multimedia product: To get the permit, you will need to provide the information below and email to [email protected]:

  1. K1 form (Custom form) & Airway Bill (if your item is under Forwarding Company; UPS / DHL etc.)
  2. Product Specification / Brochure (model/brand)

Why SIRIM certification is important?

Among the advantages of certification are: It provides an independent assurance that the product is manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision and control. Purchasers or consumers need not carry out further tests, as the products are already certified to be in compliance with the standards.

What is the role of SIRIM?

SIRIM is a premier industrial research and technology organisation in Malaysia, wholly-owned by the Minister​ of Finance Incorporated. With over forty years of experience and expertise, SIRIM is mandated as the machinery for research and technology development, and the national champion of quality.

Why do I need SIRIM permit?

Whenever you buy or import any kind of electronics which meet SIRIM’s restrictions (devices with WiFi, or GPS capabilities, for example) from outside Malaysia, you need to apply for a SIRIM permit for it to clear customs and for you to legally use it in Malaysia.

How can I use SIRIM in Malaysia?

: Process invlove to be certified to the Management System Certification scheme.

  1. Submit Request for Information (RFI) Fill up RFI and submit to SIRIM QAS International.
  2. Application.
  3. Stage 1 Audit.
  4. Stage 2 Audit.
  5. Recommendation.
  6. Approval of Certification.
  7. Issuance of Certificate.
  8. Surveillance and Recertification Audit.

How do I apply for type approval?

Type Approval

  1. Registration and Application via e-ComM.
  2. Issuance of Quotation to Customers via e-ComM.
  3. Submission of Sample by Customers.
  4. Conduct Product Verification and Evaluation.
  5. Recommendation and Approval of Application.
  6. Issuance of Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  7. Application of Import Permit.

What does SIRIM stand for?

Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia
The National Action Council decided that SIM to be merged with the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) to form the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

What are the ISO accreditation bodies for Malaysia?

The Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) is mandated by the Government of Malaysia to function as the National Standards Body (NSB) as well as the National Accreditation Body (NAB) through the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549).

What is SIRIM approval?

How can I get import permit in Malaysia?

To import or export goods which require a license, traders first must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Once registered, a company must then apply for an import license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

What is type approval process?

Type approval is a procedure whereby an EU Member State (such as Poland) certifies that the type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit complies with the relevant administrative provisions and technical requirements. Approval means road release and registration in every country in the European Union.

Why do we need sirim?

How many accreditation bodies are there in Malaysia?

Number of certified scopes for EnMS will be : 106. Number of certified organisation for EnMS will be : 24….Accredited Certification For EnMS (updated until Q3 2021)

No. Sectors EnMS (ISO 50001)
Buildings 13
4 Buildings complexes 6
5 Transport 0
6 Mining 0

What is SIRIM Industrial Research?

SIRIM Industrial Research is the frontline for technology innovations for various industries. SIRIM believes that through technological advancement, industries will see an increase in sustainability and in turn boosts the nation’s economy.

What does Kulim do?

We are committed to our environment, social, and governance agenda to achieve global standard. Kulim is one of the earliest contributors to Malaysia’s agricultural sector.

Why choose SIRIM QAS international for your mask certification?

For non-medical mask, SIRIM through SIRIM QAS International is able to test and certify both reusable (fabric) and disposable (single use – 3 ply) mask. Testing include for determining Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Differential Pressure, Splash Resistance Pressure (Synthetic Blood) and Microbial Cleanliness (Bioburden).