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Where should I sit at Symphony Hall Atlanta?

Where should I sit at Symphony Hall Atlanta?

Atlanta Symphony Hall Why: The first row of the second balcony is considered the best for acoustics and a full view of the orchestra. For pops concerts, the first four orchestra rows are the most sought-after.

How many seats are in the Atlanta Symphony Hall?

1,762Atlanta Symphony Hall / Capacity

What are the best seats at the BSO?

Why It’s the Best: BSO music director Andris Nelsons says there’s not a bad seat in the venue, but recommends something toward the back of the second balcony, where the “overall blend of sound” is at its best.

Where is the best place to sit at a symphony?

Most people want to sit in the middle, fewer people want to sit on the sides, way up front, or way to the back. So, seats in the middle are more expensive and seats to the sides, front, and back are less expensive. But this assumes that you want a standard view, sound, and experience at the symphony.

How long are Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerts?

about 90 minutes to two hours
Most orchestra concerts are about 90 minutes to two hours long. And include an intermission at the halfway point. Very often there will be several pieces on the program, but sometimes there is one single work played straight through.

Where is the best place to sit for a symphony?

Try sitting in the last row, then try sitting in the first row. It’s always a different experience to see and hear the full orchestra together in front of you versus sitting just below the incredible musicians on stage to see their fingers and their faces up close.

Are masks required at Atlanta Symphony Hall?

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to decline, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE will no longer require patrons to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for most events in Symphony Hall. In addition, masks will be encouraged, but no longer required.

Is there a bar at the Atlanta Symphony?

Twelve Eighty’s full bar features wines by the glass in several varietals, hand-crafted cocktails, and ice-cold bottled beer.

How big is the Cobb Energy Center?

2,750-seat John A. Williams Theatre.

How do I choose my symphony seats?

It all depends on the view, sound, and experience you want. The most expensive seats are usually found in the middle of the hall. The sound there tends to be a little better and the view is pretty good. The cheapest seats are usually found in the front and last rows or far off to the side.

Can you show up late to a symphony?

Latecomers may be seated in the back out of courtesy to the musicians and other patrons. Certain programs are performed without intermission or without a late seating break before intermission; therefore, no late seating can be offered at those concerts.

How can I See seat views of Atlanta Symphony Hall?

You can go to our Atlanta Symphony Hall seat views page to see them. Atlanta Symphony Hall can hold up to 1,762 people but we unfortunately can’t provide 1,762 individual seat views, so the above seat views should be representative of the section you’re sitting in rather than the specific seat.

What do the seat numbers on the orchestra section mean?

When looking at the side Orchestra sections, lower seat numbers indicate closer proximity to the Center Orchestra seats and the center of the stage. Seats located closer to the aisle usually provide a bit more legroom. The Mezzanine Section is normally located one level above the middle of the Orchestra Section.

How is seating arranged in a theater?

Theater seating is often arranged so that lower seat numbers are located closer to the center of the stage, while higher seat numbers are further from the center of the stage. Rows are typically organized in alphabetical order. Atlanta Symphony Hall may be arranged in a similar fashion.